Beautician course 3

What Is A Facial?

Facials are considered cosmetic treatments intended to exfoliate, revitalize, or treat theskin of your face. It is a program that includesvapors, ice packs, masks, scrubs and massages.Experts say they can be used for general skin health as well as specific skin conditions.facials can help brighten your complexion,age and relax.What are the benefits of facial care?• Exfoliation of dead skinThe main purpose of facial care is to exfoliate dead skin. This processis called exfoliation. Dead skin cells that may have accumulated on a new layer of skin are removed.According to dermatologists, it can make your skin …

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Contour Makeup

Contouring is a cosmetic technique that uses cosmetic products to define, enhance and shape the structure of the face or other parts of the body, such as the breasts.Contouring is usually created by placing a warm or cool toneone or two shades darker than skin tone in areas such as the hollows of thecheeks, sides of the nose and temples to provide shadow anda slimming effect. This can be supplemented with an illuminator one or two shadeslighter than the skin tone on more prominent areas of the face, …

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How Does Face Bleach Work?

Bleach is a pure chemical substance, the main component is hydrogen peroxide, that is, bleach. Hydrogen Peroxideworks to lighten your facial hair, leaving your face looking brighter and cleaner. FaceBleach will not lighten your skin. What are the proven benefits ofFacial Bleach?Face Whitening Before and AfterFace Whitening Benefit #1 – Makes Your Face Brighter ImmediatelyBenefit #2 of Facial Bleach – It saves you the painful donning ofYou can hide unwanted black facial hair without going through the painful process of donning.Facial Bleach …

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Girls, we all know the magic a kajal can do to our eyes. Whether it is a smoky eye look,for a bold and dramatic look or just a fine line, you can accomplish a lot with the help of kajal as it is one of the products most versatile eye makeup set from. To clean your eyes, the type of kajal you use is very important. At, we have some of the best eyeliner brands you never knew existed. These kajals are just as good and durable as popular brands, and some are …

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Types of foundation:liquid foundation How to choose a liquid foundation that suits your skin There are so manyliquid foundation in the market, you should not only choose the suitable one according to your skin type, but also depending on your skin type. the occasion, time of day and other factors.In this article you will learn:● How to apply liquid foundation● Is liquid foundation better or powder foundation?● What is stick foundation?● What type of skin is the mousse foundation suitable for?● Which foundation lasted the longest?What …

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