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Girls, we all know the magic a kajal can do to our eyes. Whether it is a smoky eye look,
 a bold and dramatic look or just a fine line, you can accomplish a lot with the help of kajal as it is one of the products most versatile eye makeup set from
 To clean your eyes, the type of kajal you use is very important. At
, we have
 some of the best eyeliner brands you never knew existed. These kajals are just as good and durable as popular brands, and some are even better.
So go ahead
and check out the best kajal brands in India!
List of Top 22 Kajal Brands in India
We are looking for the best stain remover kajal that lasts
days, right? So it’s without fail when we tell you that we rounded up a list of
of the 20 best kajals in India! Read on to find
of the best eye kajals in India.

CNC MAC Eye Kohl Grade: Smolder-Smudge Free
Smolder – This is the blackest pure black kajal.
This eyeshadow pencil from MAC is a soft pencil eyeliner that defines and shades your
eyes with a rich, silky finish. The color intensity and
matte/pearlescent formula of the product will help you achieve a long lasting finish. The best part is that it’s super easy to apply the
thanks to the precise pencil shape!
2. Intense & Smudge Free
For an intense and flawless finish, choose the Lakme eyeconic kajal. The color strength of this
product will help you achieve a long lasting look. The best part is that the
is very
 easy to apply thanks to the precise shape of the roller.
Since it doesn’t smudge, melt or stay on the
for a long time, it’s perfect for the office. A single hit of
in this kajal is sure to do the trick, and the
will keep you going all day!
4. Maybelline New York Eye Studio:
Dramatic and long-wearing
Use your most trusted brand Maybelline
New York Achieve the precision of liquid eyeliner with this gel-based formula. Get ready to add drama to your look with this ultra-pigmented, ultra-concentrated, oil-free gel eyeliner

Whether you choose thin, thick, speckled or smoky, our
will ensure your look lasts day and night.
5. Bobbi Brown Longwear Eyeliner: High Definition
This smudge-proof eyeliner stays on the eye area for 12 hours and is waterproof and transfer-resistant. If you’re looking for an intense, high-definition look, look no further than this richly pigmented
kohl pencil from Bobby Brown. It also comes with a pencil sharpener which gives you an accuracy of
pencil points and there are also
Colorbar Just Smoky Eye Pencil: Smoky Eyes in a Flicker
Colorbar Just Smoky Eye Pencil gives you three benefits in one. what are you asking? Well, this
Super Eye Pencil can be used as eyeliner, kajal and eye shadow. It has a built-in applicator that
helps you achieve a great smoky look. A sure must have

Clinique High Impact Custom Kajal: Smudge & Humidity Resistant
Clinique’s High Impact Kajal gives you intense, dark color that lasts 12 hours. It is
moisture and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty soon after you apply it.

8. Soultree Gray Glow Kajal: For a natural look
If you have sensitive eyes, this kajal is perfect for you as it is natural and chemical free. If you don’t want to choose the
for the usual black, the light gray
will round off your look.

9. Kajal Artisto Blue Heaven: For your artist
Bring out your hidden makeup artist with the kajal Artisto
 Blue Heaven.
You will be surprised to learn that the kajal actually comes in a bottle and comes with an applicator! How cool is that? The soft
bristles of the applicator brush make application easy.
10. Lotus Herbals Ecostay Kajal Pencil: Intense and Excellent
This smudge and water resistant kajal from Lotus Herbal stays
Its velvety texture gives it an opaque color and precise definition
For your eyes
11. Coloressence Kajal Pencil: For a bold and luminous look
This kajal is enriched with the benefits of an Ayurvedic formula that
refreshes your eyes. Brighten up your eyes and step out in bold style with
Coloressence’s Kajal Pencil.

12. Revlon Kohl Kajal Eyeliner: Smooth and easy to glide on
If you’re looking for a product that will give you a smooth powdery finish,
is the product for you.
Its smooth, matte finish makes it easy to glide over
and beautifully define your eyes.
13. She 18 Eye Drama Kajal: Dramatic!
To enhance your look, be bold with Elle 18’s Kajal Eye Drama. It is
smudge and water resistant, and you can experiment by painting a nice fine line of
on the lid, or try a more dramatic look.
14. SUGAR Cosmetics Stroke Of Genius Heavy: Duty Kohl
: Tempt
 the world with your power when you don this Jet Black Stroke Of Genius Heavy. It’s a beautiful, solid black that glides smoothly over the eyes
. Each
 Genius Heavy-Duty Kohl Sugar Shot comes with a carefully crafted, high-quality
sharpener to help you get the most out of your purchase. .
Lightly highlight your upper and lower lashes with this creamy eyeshadow and captivate the world of

15. Avon Big & Daring Kohl Kajal: Bold and durable
Avon’s kajal is so smooth it glides on like butter. It defines your
eye perfectly, and if you are looking for an intense look, this jet black color on your
lash line will do the trick.
16. Oriflame Kohl Kajal Pencil:
Refreshing Eye Makeup It is made with essential oils such as Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil,
Hydrogenated Coconut Oil and Hydrogenated Castor Oil to help to soothe your eyes
and make them look fresh.
After using Oriflame’s
kajal pencil, you don’t
 need a lot of touch-ups as it stays in place throughout the day.
17. Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal: Get a “just applied” look even after hours of application
Plum Natur Studio’s kajal gives you a “just applied” look. This is a gel based 2 in 1 kajal/eyeliner which makes it a useful
product. It is also rich in vitamin E and does not irritate your eyes.

18. The Body Shop Matte Kajal: Apply
easily and cleanly The Body Shop matte kajal is specially designed for the smart
and easy grip, so when you apply it, it glides smoothly over the
without any confusing error. It is perfect for
smoky eyes because it wipes off easily. Use this
for drama.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliner: For Crazy Nightlife
Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliner is perfect for a girls night out.
Finish your smoky eye look
 with just one swipe of this intense kajal. The best part about the
is that this pencil is enriched with jojoba and cottonseed oils, the
makes it super easy to glide over the
20. Make-up Revolution Kajal: Intense & Smudge Free
default, choose the Makeup Revolution kajal. The
color strength of this product will help you achieve the long lasting
The best part is that Super
is easy to apply thanks to the precise shape of the
21. Kay Beauty 24 Hour Kajal – Spade
As the name suggests, this Kay Beauty 24 Hour Kajal stays on the eyes for a long time. It is smudge-free and wrap-around
for hassle-free application. The best part about

is that it is enriched with chamomile and ceramides to keep your eyes refreshed.
22. Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Eyeliner
This brand’s kajal glides on effortlessly without pulling, flaking or smudging!
kajal is rich in vitamins E and C for jet black pigmentation.
1. Ayurvedic kajal
made from pure castor oil is considered very healthy for the eyes.
2. One of the most important benefits of organic kajal is that it relieves
eye fatigue. Helps eliminate eye fatigue and keep eyes healthy.
3. The copper used to make organic kajal is known for its healing properties and is considered a purifier

4. Copper helps protect the eyes from external infections and makeup.

Bronze and silver are commonly used to make Ayurvedic kajal and are known for their rejuvenating properties. They also help treat eye allergies.
6. Camphor is the main ingredient in organic kajal. It helps refresh the eyes and relieves eye pressure.
7. Ghee is another ingredient used to make Ayurvedic kajal. Ghee wards off dark circles by relaxing
 It cleans salt deposits from tears and removes small residues of makeup
on the upper and lower eyelids. How
Organic Kajal is good for maintaining eye health.

Kajal is a cosmetic product for the eyes. In fact, Kajal is the first cosmetic that most
women use to beautify their eyes. The use of kajal dates back over 5,000 years, when
was used for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. Kajal was originally made at home using camphor,
vegetable oil and ghee.
Over time, the kajal has been produced commercially. Commercial kajal is made from various natural and chemical
products. Lead is widely used in the manufacture of commercial kajal and therefore commercial kajal
is considered harmful to the eyes. Lead not only damages eye muscles, it can also affect vision. Therefore, organic kajal or Ayurvedic kajal is recommended.
Organic kajal is 100% pure kajal as it is made with natural products.
The same goes for the Ayurvedic kajal. Ayurvedic kajal for eyes can be made with pure castor oil, ghee, bronze tools and camphor. It can also be made with almonds. Either way, the resulting kajal is pure and has various beneficial effects on the eyes.

Ayurvedic kajal contains ingredients that have healing benefits for the eyes. Moisturize the eyes and keep them hydrated with organic kajal
. Using
 this kajal also prevents impurities from entering the
eyes and refreshes them. Ayurvedic eye kajal improves eye radiance and keeps eye muscles strong.
Using this kajal also helps to drain tears faster than with a commercial kajal.
Natural kajal is also said to have astringent properties and thus makes the small red blood vessels in the eyes disappear
thus keeping them white.
1. Rich in vitamin E: Ayurvedic kajal made from pure castor oil is considered very healthy for the eyes. The purest
Castor Oil is the richest form of Vitamin E. It helps repair eyes and make
eyelashes thicker and darker.
One of the main benefits of organic kajal is that it reduces eye strain. It helps
to get rid of eyestrain and keep eyes healthy.
2. Antibacterial: The copper used to make organic kajal is known for its healing properties
and is considered a purifying agent. Copper helps keep eyes free from external infections and makeup.
It also helps strengthen and relax the lens and eye muscles. This therefore helps to increase the popularity of

3. Soothes irritated eyes: Bronze and silver are commonly used in the making of Ayurvedic kajal,
is known for its regenerative properties. They also help treat eye allergies.
It relaxes
blood vessels that are irritated and swollen due to excessive friction, helping to improve overall eye function.
4. Fresh eyes: Camphor is the main ingredient in organic kajal. It helps cool the eyes of the
and relieves eye pressure. It helps reduce minor eye rashes, thereby promoting eye health

5. Remove dark circles: Ghee is another ingredient used in making Ayurvedic kajal.
Ghee removes dark circles by relaxing them. It removes salt deposits from tears and
removes small amounts of makeup left under the upper and lower eyelids. So use Ayurvedic kajal
to keep eyes clean and free from infection.
Organic kajal is now available in many stores that sell beauty products. One can buy Ayurvedic kajal online like
things. There are several online stores that sell 100% natural and organic kajal that has various benefits that provide
for the eyes. When buying from an online store, you should check the ingredients of kajal and make sure that it is free from various chemicals.
Kajal – Harmful or Harmful
Kajal or kohl, is a favorite of women.
Many people wear it not only in the office and on special occasions, but even when they are not going out. The kajal has long been believed to protect the eyes of the
from various
. The kajal has long
 been believed to protect the eyes from various diseases and the harmful rays of the sun. Doctors, however, don’t think so. Ophthalmologists say using kajal shouldn’t become a habit, and neither should
if possible…
Kajal has been used by women and men since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians are known to make
kohls by grinding galena (lead sulfide) and other ingredients. In South Asia, it is prepared by placing
copper vessels over lighted earthen lamps and mixing the soot deposited on them with castor oil.
The mixture is then stored
in a small decorative box specially designed for this purpose.
Kajal is also applied to the eyes of babies and is believed to improve their eyesight besides making them look beautiful. It is also believed that small eyebrows/blackheads on their cheeks or behind their ears ward off evil eyes

However, doctors do not substantiate these ideas. Dr Nikhil Seth, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Asia
Institute of Medical Sciences, said: “Kajal is not recommended for anyone. It is nothing but burnt carbon.
Why use it on something as sensitive as
eyes? If you have to beautify your eyes with kajal, at least don’t make a habit of using it once in a while. Simply apply it around your eyes, making sure it doesn’t get inside. all day, and if you do, please remove it carefully at the end of the day. If you notice any type of redness or irritation
see an eye specialist immediately’
Dr. Kinshuk Biswas, Ophthalmologist, Columbia Asia Hospital (Gurgaon) recommends homemade kajal over
commercial brands, “vs. ready made – manufactured
brands containing metals such
 as lead sulphide or green malachite, chemicals or artificial dyes.
Follow these eye makeup tips to prevent Kajal from smudging your lids?
For a beautiful, smudge-free kajal all day long, just follow these makeup tips.
Kajal is more than a makeup product, it’s a sensation. Even makeup enthusiasts know how dramatic an eye change can be with just one swipe of
 From simply defined to sultry smoky, Kajal has A must have in every makeup bag. But we are not saying that all is well. When you apply kajal to the upper and lower waterline and lash line, you may find that it smudges the eyelids and under-eye area within a few hours. Since
no one wants the dreaded kajal smudge ruining the eye makeup they’ve spent so much time on, we
have tips on how to fix it today.
Eye makeup tips to avoid Kajal spots?
To keep your kajal beautiful and smudge-free all day long, just follow these makeup tips.
1. Choose the right kajal
Durable kajal will undoubtedly last longer. Make sure your clothes are stain-free and waterproof because they resist
messy stains for an extended period of time.

Set With Powder
Before applying kajal, dust a thin layer of translucent setting powder on your lids and under the eyes. Although
is not visible, it can prevent oil from seeping through and disrupting eye makeup.
3. Rescue eyeshadow
After applying the kajal, apply it again with the eyeshadow of the same color. This will act like the
adjuster jacket, holding it in place.
4. Prepare your eyelids
Apply an eye primer to your eyelids and under the eyes before applying the kajal. This will make the makeup last longer
without smudging.
5. Sandwich your Kajal in the middle
After applying the kajal, apply a gel eyeliner of the same color on top.
This will help it adhere better to the
plate and prevent oil from affecting it.
6. Take eye makeup on the go
No matter how hard you try, sometimes things don’t go as planned. When your kajal
refuses to stay put, keep makeup remover wipes, kajal and body powder on hand to repair any damage.