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Types of foundation:
liquid foundation
 How to choose a liquid foundation that suits your skin There are so many
liquid foundation
 in the market, you should not only choose the suitable one according to your skin type, but also depending on your skin type. the occasion, time of day and other factors.
In this article you will learn:
● How to apply liquid foundation
● Is liquid foundation better or powder foundation?
● What is stick foundation?
● What type of skin is the mousse foundation suitable for?
● Which foundation lasted the longest?
What is a serum foundation?
Types of Cosmetic Foundations..
1. Liquid Foundations
Our introduction to foundations is usually in liquid form.

Liquid Foundation is available in oil and water-based formulas, suitable for all
skin types.
Liquid Foundation has traditionally been the
foundation of choice for dry skin types. It’s easy to use and perfect for beginners to
makeup. You can apply the liquid foundation with a sponge, a
brush, with a little practice, or even with your fingers. In terms of coverage,
liquid foundation has a wide range of uses, there are three types: light (even skin tone), medium (covering light blemishes) and full coverage (covering large pores and spots). brunettes).
Liquid foundation seems to do the trick, right? Not really. Liquid foundations that provide high coverage in
tend to clog pores, causing whiteheads and blackheads. Sweat and
oil can cause liquid foundation to become uneven with prolonged wear.

Powder Foundation
If you have oily skin, powder foundation is a great addition to your makeup bag. Because the
foundation is talc, it absorbs excess sebum secreted by the skin. However, if
has very oily skin, you will notice that the foundation will harden a bit after
 Dry skin types should avoid this type of foundation, as
powder will not be able to fill in more visible fine lines and wrinkles. on dry skin, and
tends to “clump together”. You will be familiar with pressed powder.
There are also
loose powder foundation on the market. The foundation is
and is best applied with a brush or sponge (never with your fingers!). Foundation
has light (sheer) to medium coverage. Trying to use
Pressed Powder as a full coverage foundation by applying
in layers will give your face a cakey look.
The foundation is also prone to fading by reacting with sweat and oil like
 Given the light coverage,
will not help cover fine lines and blemishes.
I don’t know how to choose a foundation that suits my skin
4. Mousse foundation
Mousse foundation is becoming increasingly popular due to its lightweight texture. Also known as
Whipped Foundation, the formula contains micro-bubbles that give
 a lightweight texture.
It is available in medium to full coverage variants. What makes it a great choice over the
cream foundation is that the mousse foundation won’t show up on bumps, while the
will emphasize fine lines and wrinkles. But they also don’t last as long as the
foundation. You can use your mousse foundation for up to 3 hours before it starts to fade. This makes the
a good choice for a sleepover with friends, but not for a wedding.
The mousse foundation can be applied with the Beauty
Blender or with a brush.

 Foundation A lesser-known type of foundation on the market, serum foundation is perfect for
women with oily skin. The serum has the weightlessness of a tinted moisturizer and the
coverage of a foundation. The silicone-based formula keeps it watery and thin, making
easy to apply. However, the essence foundation is almost ready, so apply
You can use the flat foundation brush to apply evenly to large areas at once.
However, the problem with serum foundations is that they start to fade after 2-3 hours.
Table: Types of foundation
Type of foundation suitable for skin type Coverage Finish Wear
Liquid foundation Dry
Medium Full
Light 4 4 4 hours 4 4 4 Light 4 4 4 4 Light 4 4 4 4 light 4
2 – 3 hours
Cream Foundation Dry Medium Full Matte 4 – 5 hours
Mousse Foundation All Skin Types Medium
Matte 2 – 3 hours
Serum Foundation Oily Light Medium Semi -Matte 2 – 3 Hour Last Words
Type van Laaste Woorde
 Makeup Foundation
Even after doing a lot of research on types of foundation, it is inevitable to ask questions.
We try to answer some of these questions.
Can CC cream be used instead of foundation?
CC or color correcting creams are a good choice for everyday makeup. The CC Cream unifies your complexion
and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. However, it cannot cover pores and blemishes because the coverage is very thin. What are the different foundation finishes for the

Foundations are available in 3 main finishes – Matte, Dewey and Luminous.
The matte finish does not reflect any light
and gives the face a mature look, the dewy finish reflects light and gives it an almost dewy look. The
dewy topcoat also gives a youthful look. Light make-up with a soft touch
What is a stick foundation?
Stick foundations are basically cream-based foundations pressed into sticks. They usually have a
matte finish.
Although it can be applied straight from the stick, pros recommend using a
brush or sponge.
Which foundation is best for oily skin?
Oily skin should choose liquid foundation, liquid foundation or liquid foundation. Based on
coverage, oily skin without blemishes can use powder or serum foundation as it provides sheer
coverage, while oily skin with large pores or blemishes should use foundation
High/High Coverage Liquid Foundation.
What is the best foundation for dry skin?
Dry skin should choose a cream foundation or a mousse foundation. Both types of primer moisturize
skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles that dry skin is prone to.
After reading all of this, many people may realize that the type of foundation they used
may not be the right one. But there’s no need to throw out that expensive foundation just because
isn’t the right type or shade. You can add a little regular
5 and
 use the wrong foundation as a tinted moisturizer.