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Contour Makeup

Contouring is a cosmetic technique that uses cosmetic products to define, enhance and shape the structure of the face or other parts of the body, such as the breasts.
Contouring is usually created by placing a warm or cool tone
one or two shades darker than skin tone in areas such as the hollows of the
cheeks, sides of the nose and temples to provide shadow and
a slimming effect. This can be supplemented with an illuminator one or two shades
lighter than the skin tone on more prominent areas of the face
, for example
 on the cheeks and the tip of the nose or on the apples of the T zone
(forehead, nose and chin). This technique may also be referred to as a
strobe, which typically uses only lighter powders and shades, with little or no darker

What is facial reshaping for?
Contour makeup can help improve facial bone structure and create depth.
Contour Use shading and highlighting to define and shape your
features in the most flattering way. It also helps your foundation look more like
skin and gives it a more blended look.
Which products should I use for the contour of the face?
To shape your face, it is best to purchase the Contouring Palette.
Contour palettes are available as a
cream or powder and typically offer a highlight shade and a
dark brown contour shade. Contour sticks are also a good choice as they allow you to strategically place contour paint with your features.
What is the best tool for blending contoured products? The
Brush is great for applying contour product
 and then blending it in evenly, but you can also use the
Beauty Blender to blend the contour paint once it has been set. If desired, you can first apply the contour product with the
brush, blend lightly, then use a wet beauty blender for an extra even finish.
Should contouring make-up be before or after foundation?
Contour should always be applied over foundation. This will ensure that
your skin tone is enhanced with the foundation first so you can see how the
contour shade will look on your skin. The contour after the
foundation will also bring out your
leg structure and won’t move your
What are the benefits of body shaping?
Contour makeup helps your look stand out in photos. This is also an important factor in the professional recording of the
camera captures everything. Contouring will give your face a
dimension in photos without making it look like you’ve used a lot of
foundation. Outlines can make your
photos look natural.
The perfect way to shape an oval face.
The oval face of
usually doesn’t need a lot of modification, because
is already very well proportioned. You can blend the contour shade under the cheekbones and on the sides of the bridge of the nose with
 a clean look.
1. A round face can have a sharper effect
A round face is very youthful and looks chubby.
The key here is to tone it down a bit.
Contouring under the cheekbones and on the sides of the jawline Slims the face
by making it appear more angular. You can also use outlines to define the nose.
2. The square face can achieve the effect of softening the contour of the face. The
square face has clear edges and corners and is wide.
The idea here is to soften this angular shape of the
face with some contour. Start at the temples, then go under the cheekbones,
 and finally reach the jawline. Mix well and add blush to the apples of the cheeks

3. How to properly carve a heart-shaped face
A heart-shaped face usually has wider temples and a pointed chin
looks like a heart shape.
To balance out this face shape, you can trim the temples and hairline of the
. The slight
 contour under the cheekbones of the
also helps accentuate the already prominent cheekbones of the
. Skip the jawline contouring. This

method will visually correct the proportions of the face.

The appearance of a rectangular face
Oblong or oblong face shapes can appear elongated,
can sometimes appear angular. With Contour, you can balance the length and make the face softer and more balanced. Outline the entire perimeter of the temples and hairline
 Avoid trimming the cheekbones, as this will make
 face look too exaggerated. Reshaping the entire jawline, softening its appearance,
makes it look thinner and reduces the length of the face.
Contour makeup: FAQ
Q. Can I use foundation for contouring?
A. If you don’t have a contour product, you can use a foundation that is at least two shades darker than your natural foundation,
. Be
 sure to use it as a contour product.
This means that you
will need to apply and set your natural foundation first, then apply only the darker contour foundation
to the areas needed.
Q. Can loose powder be used for contour makeup?
A. If your setting powder is translucent, you can use setting powder to set your makeup.
Ideally, it’s best to use a fixer because it won’t ruin the look of your eye shadow.
Q. Should I use a highlighter for contouring?
A. Using a highlighter with contour color will make your contour work more accentuated.
This will help intensify the contour makeup, but the
highlighter is not
 always necessary. A highlighter can sometimes be used to correct contour makeup.