Skin PH

A few facts about pH The pH ofranges from 1 to 14, with 7 being considered "neutral". Lower numbers are acidic, while higher levels ofare considered alkaline or non-acidic. You might be surprised to know thathealthy skin has...

21 Types of Makeup Brushes & Mascara wand

That works. If you want the quick version, buy my desert island recommendation here, or keep scrolling for all the details1. Wand Mascara cosmetics stores. These mascara wands, aka spoolie brushes, also belong in yourmakeup bag. The...

Good Hygiene Practice for Makeup Artists

Good hygiene practices for make-up artists1) Thoroughly disinfect your work area beforeand after each client.2) Only book one client at a time and don'twork for more than one person at a time - keep...

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