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Makeup Primers (Reviews) For Every Skin Type

A good make-up base ensures long-lasting make-up. That’s why the best primers are the absolute favorites ofmakeup artists and enthusiasts. They create a suitable canvas to experiment with yourmakeup skills. The primer blurs pores and hides fine lines for a flawless, dewy-smooth finish. It also acts as ashield on the skin, protecting it from harsh ingredients used in cosmetics.Primer is also a good solution for the oily t-zone. They provide excellent sebum control and hidevisible signs of aging on the skin. The market is flooded with options. Finding the rightfoundation for …

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Do you wear the same lipstick all your life?Maybe it’s time for a slight change.With so many options on the market, the different types of lipsticks can be a bit overwhelming.Some lipsticks will help those who need moisture, those who want weightlessness and of course those who wantto stand out and shine.Here’s a quick guide to the 20 different types and what makes them uniqueThe different types of lipstick1.Blue Lipstick If your lips are getting dryfor any reason,Blue Lipstick is a good choice. Sheermoisturizes your lips, butalso provides lots of shine and …

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Different Types Of Eyebrows And How To Shape Them Perfectly

The shape of your eyebrows depends on two things: the natural shape of your eyebrows and the shape of your face. These are two very important factors that thetakes into account when trimming eyebrows.Here is a list of different eyebrow shapesUnibrowIf you have a unibrow, you can proudly show it off or trim it.Whichever option you choose, the unbrow needs to be well maintained to look good. When you think ofunibrow, one celebrity that immediately comes to mind is …

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Different Face Shapes Need Different Kinds Of Makeup

Your face shape plays an important role in creating the perfectlook, because makeup looks different for different face shapes based onfeatures. account for different face shapes. For this reason, what looks good on somecelebrities doesn’t look so impressive to us. Therefore, the first and most important step in deciding your makeup is knowing your face shape.That’s right.Eyeliner, blush, highlighter and bronzersubtly applied to the right areas of the face will accentuate your best features. ChapterDo You Have A Heart Shaped Face? A thick eyeliner will …

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Dermatologist-Approved Skin Care Tips for the Best Skin of Your Life

We all dream of flawless, radiant skin, but with newproducts hitting the shelves and the seemingly endlessskincare tips on the internet,finding the best skincare routine for thatworks is not always easy. plenty of water, enough sleepand washing your face, but everything else? Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on magic procedures or expensive ice cream to achieve flawless skin.We spoke to dermatologists and beauty experts to compile alist of some of the best skincare tips. Fromchoosing the …

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