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Makeup Primers (Reviews) For Every Skin Type


A good make-up base ensures long-lasting make-up. That’s why the best primers are the absolute favorites of
makeup artists and enthusiasts. They create a suitable canvas to experiment with your
makeup skills. The primer blurs pores and hides fine lines for a flawless, dewy-smooth finish. It also acts as a
shield on the skin, protecting it from harsh ingredients used in cosmetics.
Primer is also a good solution for the oily t-zone. They provide excellent sebum control and hide
visible signs of aging on the skin. The market is flooded with options. Finding the right
foundation for your skin type
 can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, because we’ve made it easy for you.
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 21 Best Foundations!
What is a make-up base? The main purpose of
 is to prep your skin and create a smooth base before applying
makeup. It creates an extra layer between skin and makeup, evens out your skin, reduces the appearance of
dark spots and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also fills in pores, hydrates skin, and makes makeup last longer.
However, there are a wide variety of primers for specific skin types and concerns
Different Types of Primers
Matte Primer: Matte Primer is a water-based makeup primer that gives the skin a smooth finish. matte
 It helps reduce shine on the face and reduce the appearance of
● Shimmering/illuminating make-up base: The illuminating make-up base gives
 face an extra glow. It also evens skin tone and helps you achieve a smooth skin surface

● Color Correcting Primer: A color correcting primer helps
reduce the appearance of dark spots and dark circles.
21 Best Primers
1. .Best Set: Covergirl Simply Ageless Makeup Primer
Covergirl Simply Ageless Makeup Primer is a liquid primer that doubles as a primer. Formulated with a complex of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, It
firms and hydrates the skin.
Anti-Aging Foundation will plump your skin and instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
also evens skin tone and reduces other imperfections.
Good for: Mature skin
Pump dispenser
Easy to use
Various shades available
the firmness of the skin. The

nutritional formula is enriched with aloe vera, shea butter, beeswax and
soy protein.
It is a versatile base that can be used as a face cream, mask and makeup remover
 The foundation leaves the skin calm, soft and smooth. It is suitable for all skin types
including sensitive skin.
Good for: Sensitive skin
● Safe for sensitive skin
● Natural ingredients
● Dermatologist tested
● Ideal for travel

3. Best for Redness: E.l.f Tone Adjusting Face Primer
If you want to hide redness and blemishes that show through foundation, try
f-Tone Adjusting Face Primer. This neutralizing and color-correcting foundation with a subtle green tint
helps reduce redness, evens skin tone and creates a natural-looking
matte base for your makeup.
This foundation has a silky creamy formula suitable for all skin types. It gives you a flawless
complexion with flawless coverage. You can use it alone or as a makeup base.
Suitable For: All Skin Types
Cruelty Free
Parabens Free
Phthalates Free
Hydroquinone Free
Tris Closan and Triclocarban Free
best choice. This lightweight primer helps
reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, leaving you with silky-smooth skin
before you apply makeup. It’s infused with a vitamin E derivative to fight free radicals
. Plus, with its translucent oil-free formula,

flatters all skin tones.
Good For: Oily Skin
Oil-Free Formula
5. Longest Lasting: NYX Professional Makeup NYX Professional Makeup Marshmallow Primer
Marshmallow Primer by NYX Professional Makeup is a multitasking primer that keeps your makeup on 44t4act. Hour. It is enriched with marshmallow root extract to smooth the skin. This foundation softens, hydrates, soothes, evens skin, smoothes fine lines, adds soft focus and keeps makeup looking fresh. Il
has a slightly whipped texture and dries immediately after application.
Suitable For: All Skin Types
Compliments All Skin Tones
Cruelty Free
Silicone Free
6. Best Moisturizer: Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer
For Perfect Dewy Look Hangover Replenishing Face
Primer . This face primer brightens, smooths and hydrates while giving you a healthy-looking
finish. Infused with coconut water, probiotics and Skin
activator, it improves skin’s radiance and promotes elasticity and hydration, while sealing in makeup for a fresher, longer-lasting, flawless
. It creates the perfect base and you can also use
alone for a dull look.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Face Primer preps skin for makeup and makes it last for
years. It reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines and helps maintain skin’s youthful appearance. The foundation is formulated with grapefruit extract, green tea and white tea extract
. Grapefruit
 extract promotes skin luminosity and radiance, while green tea extracts and
White Tea provide anti-aging benefits.
Suitable For: All Skin Types
Long Lasting
Cruelty Free
TACHA Silk Canvas Foundation Instantly Minimizes Pores, Refines the Appearance of Fine Lines
and Reduces Unwanted Shine. It has a velvety texture that gives your skin a
blurred effect, allowing makeup to glide on smoothly.
formula contains silk extract (rich in amino acids) to lock in
natural moisture and hadasei-3 (a blend of green tea, seaweed and rice) to smooth
skin. It creates a protective barrier between makeup and skin, reducing
clogged pores that can lead to acne. The foundation also has
anti-aging properties to reveal a younger-looking complexion.
The natural anti-pollution actives in the formula fight
environmental stressors and support the skin’s barrier function to defend against future
aggressions, while visibly reducing the appearance of
wrinkles and dullness. 9. Best anti -wrinkles Results: StriVectin Line Blurring Primer
StriVectin Line Blurring Primer is formulated with skin friendly ingredients. It contains
blurring microspheres that fill and blur deep wrinkles and improve skin texture.
foundation has a light and airy formula that helps makeup last longer.
This is
developed with patented NIA-114 technology which helps strengthen the skin barrier.
Good for: Mature Skin
Paraben Free

10. Best Carpet Finish: Dr. Brandt Pore Refining Primer
Dr. Brandt Pore Refining Primer will help you achieve photo-realistic
flawless skin. It creates an excellent base for long-lasting
makeup and well-groomed skin.
The velvety formula absorbs
parts of excess oil to minimize the appearance of pores and the appearance of fine lines. It also resists sweat and humidity with
 This product is a 2-in-1 pore refiner and
primer that absorbs excess oil and gives a matte finish for a smooth, flawless
finish. With
 or without makeup. It can be used alone or
for an afternoon touch-up.
Good for: Oily and combination skin
Matte finish
Sweat resistant
Humidity resistant
Dermablend Professional Insta-Grip Jelly Primer
Dermablend Professional Insta-Grip Jelly Primer features a 3-in-1 moisturizing formula,
instantly hydrates the skin. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly, reducing the appearance of
 and providing a smooth canvas for foundation and concealer. The viscous texture of
allows it to last up to 24 hours and is comfortable on the skin.
Suitable For: All Skin Types
Long Lasting
Easy To Use
Dermatologist Tested
Allergy Tested
Non Comedogenic
Phlate-4 Free

Sulfate-4 Sulfate Free

● Triclosan Free
● Silicone Free
● 100% Vegan
12. Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer
Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer helps smooth fine lines and brighten skin tone.
It contains the
velvety formula, which contains soy protein to improve skin texture and create a smoother surface. The foundation also contains SPF
to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and has a silky feel for a “soft focus” effect
Good for: Mature skin
Sun protection
Paraben free
Gluten free
Cruelty free

Regular High Spread Liquid Primer Now Available Simple, Concentrated Look
Normal High Spread Fluid Primer. This foundation has a lightweight, serum-like formula that goes on quickly and
hydrates dry areas, especially around the eyes and nostrils.
It is non-greasy and
has a natural rosy appearance.
Suitable for: All skin types

Cruelty Free
Water Free
Alcohol Free
Nut Free
Oil Free
Silicone Free
Gluten Free
Hourglass 4 Veil This foundation is a backup A cult classic for a reason. Unlike other traditional formulas,
effectively conceals imperfections, evens skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. This primer creates a smooth
canvas that lets your makeup glide on and stay put all day. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
has a light, silky texture that leaves no
 greasy residue after application.
Plus, Broad Spectrum
SPF 15 provides sun protection.
Best For: All Skin Types (especially prone to skin)

● SPF 15
● Lightweight
● Vegan
● Paraben Free

● Fragrance Free
Fragrance Free
Gluten Free
Free nanoparticles44 Free
15. BECCA Backlit Makeup Primer Filter
BECCA Backlit Makeup Primer Filter Instantly adds radiance and smoothes skin Evens out and blurs imperfections.
Luminous Foundation enhances the appearance of your skin and creates a smooth base under makeup, while
‘s backlight technology
 adds a glow from within. With a lightweight formula enriched with vitamin E,
leaves your skin feeling naturally beautiful.
This foundation can be worn alone for a lightweight finish.
Suitable for: All skin types
Not tested on animals
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
Gluten Free
Phthalate Free
Tinted 4 FX 4 Cover 4 FX 4 Cover 4 FX 4. FX Gripping Primer features a clear gel-like formula that firms visibly skin, locks in makeup for all-day wear and creates a glass-like finish. Enriched with kelp extract, the smooth,
formula creates the perfect base for makeup. It also contains a polymer complex derived from plankton to smooth the appearance of fine lines,
to reveal a youthful complexion and a microalgae extract (rich in vitamins and amino acids) to reduce the signs of aging.

Good For: Normal to Dry Skin
Long Lasting
Alcohol Free
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Fragrance Free
Gluten Free ●

● 4 Talc Free Oil Free
17. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Sizer is a unique 2-in-1 product that doubles as a moisturizer. Son
absorbs quickly into the skin, provides 24-hour hydration and preps your skin for makeup in just one step.
The formula is enriched with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid to plump and hydrate the skin.
‘s non-greasy,
 quick-drying formula holds foundation for hours, smoothes dry patches and fine lines, and
prevents makeup from settling into wrinkles.
Suitable For: All Skin Types
Silky Texture
Quick Dry Formula
Cruelty Free
18. Murad Skin Primer
The Murad Skin Primer
The Murad Skin Primer
protects skin skin for a 12 hour
 glides onto skin to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. It’s non-comedogenic, formulated with mushroom peptides to fight the visible signs of aging, and
restores firmness and skin elasticity for a more youthful appearance.
Suitable for: All skin types
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
Gluten Free
Animal Ingredients
Formaldehyde Free
● Petroleum Free

FENTY BEAUTY Filter Instant Retouch Primer
FENTY BEAUTY Filter Instant Retouch Primer For all skin types
 This pore-diffusing foundation smoothes skin for better foundation application and instant, long-lasting retouch results. Its oil-free formula minimizes the appearance of pores, visibly evens skin tone and smoothes texture, while
instantly reduces shine without drying or whitening your skin. The lightweight foundation has a soft
touch-me-now texture that mattifies the skin for a total sensory experience. It creates a filter-like blur and the
instantly blends with all skin tones.
Good for: All skin types (especially oily)

● Instant absorption
● Non-irritating
● Oil-free
20. smashbox Photo Finish Protect SPF 20 Primer
Smashbox Photo Finish Protect SPF 20 Primer has a gel-like formula that provides
 protection for a smooth finish and flawless foundation. The formula contains
Vitamin E and other antioxidant-rich ingredients like Green Tea and Grape Seed Extract to protect
skin from environmental pollutants. It has a light texture that does not leave a white sheen,
your skin is left with a soft and silky feeling. Suitable for: All skin types Benefits
No Vitiligo
Broad Spectrum SPF 20
Charlotte Tilbury WONDERGLOW
Create an effortless dewy finish with Charlotte Tilbury WONDERGLOW
Soft Focus Instant Foundation. The primer creates a smoother canvas under your
primer. It can be used alone to reverse the look of tired, dull skin. The formula’s Core Light
Fluorescent Diffuser re-diffuses light around the face and creates a soft focus to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes with
 The foundation contains Bio Nymph Peptide
to smooth and plump the skin, Wild Violet Extract (rich in oligosaccharides) to reduce wrinkles; Hyaluronic Acid
to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours; Rosehip Oil to rejuvenate the skin, Camellia Oil Gives
dewy finish.
Suitable for: All skin types
● Vegan
● Gluten-free
These are the 21 best foundations on the market for women. Let’s take a look at the correct method of applying makeup base
 How to apply makeup base

● Wash your face with a mild cleanser.
● Spread your usual cream or moisturizer evenly over the entire face.
● Squeeze out a small amount of primer and apply with fingertips.
● Focus on the T-zone to fill pores and lash line.
● Use soft circular motions and blend outward.
● When finished, allow foundation to sit on skin for 2-3 minutes.
● You can continue your daily makeup while the foundation is on your skin.
Here are some factors
 you should consider before buying a foundation.
What to look for in a face primer: buying guide?
● Determine your skin type
Choose a foundation based on your skin type. If you have dry skin, choose a moisturizing foundation. Look for primers with the word
, such as “irradiated”, “hydrated”
 or “supplemented”, mentioned on the label. If you have oily skin
, choose a matte foundation.

matte foundation with silicones, which control oil and fill pores, may be your best bet.
Look for keywords such as “pore eraser” or “shine control primer” on the label. If you have sensitive skin, look for a
foundation free from parabens, artificial fragrances and other harmful ingredients. Finally, if your mature skin can cover wrinkles and blemishes, follow with a nourishing foundation enriched with

● Solves specific skin problems
If you have dark spots, blemishes, redness and hyperpigmentation, choose a color correcting foundation.
For example, a green primer will help reduce redness; a purple foundation will work if you have
yellow undertones; a pink foundation will add a slight blush and brighten your look; yellow will help with coverage With
blue veins, peachy pink foundation conceals hyperpigmentation and dark circles.

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, choose a “non-comedogenic” foundation. For example, use
to cover large
 pores with a “pore minimizing” foundation, or if you’re active all day, a “sweat proof” foundation. You can also get a separate
Eyeshadow Primer if you want your eye makeup to stay put.
● Choose a foundation with SPF
If you want your skin to look beautiful even in summer and you don’t want to use SPF alone before makeup
 you can use a foundation with SPF. The makeup base with SPF is ideal to wear throughout the

In summer, the higher the SPF, the better for your skin.
Face Foundation is the first step in your makeup routine because it makes your skin more even. However,
must ensure that the products you use are appropriate for your skin type and concern. In the
list mentioned above, you will find a wide range of products adapted to the different needs of your skin. So go ahead and choose the one that tells you

What are primers and what are they used for?
Primer is nothing more than a make-up base. These foundations are a layer of
that you apply to bare skin before applying foundation. The primer is available in powder,
emulsion and gel form. Foundation is mainly used to protect your skin from the heavy makeup you put on.
The entertainment industry has been using
for a long time. Actors have long used
 under their makeup to keep their skin healthy. The rest of us have only recently discovered this amazing product.
makeup base also extends the life of your makeup, keeping it on your skin longer and making your
makeup last longer. The foundation also helps conceal acne spots, skin blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.
You can prime your face, lips, eyelids and nails.
2. How is primer different from foundation and concealer?
Before answering this question, let’s explain what these beauty products are used for:
● Concealer: A concealer is a colored cosmetic used to cover prominent
skin imperfections. The corrector is applied specifically where the lesions appear, but it is also applied to the whole of the skin
Concealers come in many forms, such as powder and gel. You need to choose the right concealer according to your skin type.
●Foundation: foundation is also a kind of colored cosmetic. Its main purpose is to even out skin tone. So apply
in equal proportions on the face and make it up.
Foundations also come in different forms. You can choose between water-based primer,
powder primer or gel primer. If you have oily skin, a powder foundation is ideal, and similarly, for dry skin, a water-based foundation is more suitable.
● Foundation: The main purpose of foundation is to make makeup last longer.
foundation and concealer are usually applied over a base coat.
As we have seen, the three different types of beauty products serve different purposes. So those are the
main points of difference between the three. In addition to this, we also prepare the face, eyes and nails.
Concealers and foundations are limited to the face in most cases.
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How to use a face primer? Primer
is very easy to use. However, you need to know how to use it correctly to get the best results.
Follow these simple steps to get the right makeup base:
● Cleanse your face: rinse and pat dry before you start. You can use a mild facial cleanser to remove oil and dirt from the

● Serve in pea-sized portions: seasonings should be used in small quantities. Too much foundation can affect your overall makeup and make it messy. Take some foundation and spread it evenly on your face.
● Outward massage message: It is recommended to massage outward from the center.
Apply foundation to the center of the tiles and gently push outward with your fingertips.
will ensure you get an even application and also send you a healthy face message.
● Air Dry: Primer dries for a short time, but be patient.
Applying primer over wet primer will not produce the desired results. So let it dry before taking the next step with

Follow these simple steps and you’ll get a flawless foundation every time.
4. What color of primer do you use?
Primer is available in bright and tinted shades. A sheer foundation is useful if your skin tone is even and not too flawed. Color primers work with a very scientific logic.
They use the
concept of the color wheel, where the colors on one side of the wheel correct the colors on the corresponding side. Thus
Green Foundation is effectively used to counteract red spots on the skin. A blue primer is great for neutralizing tired, unhealthy skin tones. Therefore, you should use
foundation that matches your skin tone.

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5. Does foundation clog pores?
If you’re worried about a primer clogging your pores, think again. Although some
primers clog the pores, most do not. The trick here is to choose your foundation wisely.
The primer contains
silicon. The silicone helps create a smooth finish and also helps it stay in place better. However, too much silicon can be harmful to your skin. It can travel to the pores and clog them. So look for primers with
which are lower in silicon.
You might pay more, but
will definitely do your skin a favor. Foundations are the norm these days, and they’re a must if you want to look flawless.
It is therefore a wise decision to invest in a good product.
6. Which comes first: foundation or moisturizer?
To understand this, let’s look again at the main purposes of foundations and moisturizers:
● Foundation: Foundation, as mentioned above, is used as a base for makeup. Its sole purpose is to make the makeup stick of the
better and more even.
The facial base is
 not intended to protrude above the skin surface.
● Moisturizer: The main purpose of a moisturizer is to hydrate your skin and provide it with the nutrients you
need. It penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and hydrates the skin from within.
It is understandable that the moisturizer is applied before the makeup base. Your best bet is to cleanse your
face, apply some moisturizer, then apply foundation. Your skin will then be refreshed, hydrated and soft.
7. Can the primer be used without primer?
Ideally, foundations and foundations should complement each other. If you want a very glamorous look, thick makeup with
and want it to last all day, it is recommended to use both foundation and
foundation. As we all know , the foundation acts as a primer, and the foundation can even out skin tone. Both are therefore
important. However, you can also use the foundation without it.
A primer also helps even out skin tone,
although it’s not as strong as a foundation. When you want light makeup, you can skip foundation. However, if you have a lot of skin imperfections, choose a colored primer for maximum effect with
 Choose your foundation carefully and make sure it suits your skin type.
Pro Tip: If you’re not wearing foundation, your foundation should even out your skin tone.
To prevent
from drying out or being too greasy, choose an appropriate foundation. Use water or gel foundation for dry skin and powder foundation
for oily skin.
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8. Is the foundation suitable for all skin types?
Yes, foundations are suitable for all skin types. There are many types of primers. Just be careful with
and choose the right foundation. You have a transparent foundation that unifies your complexion. Got foundation
for different skin damage.
You also have an anti-aging base that helps fight the first signs of aging. Let’s take a look at the different types of
primers and the skin types they are suitable for:
Foundation for normal skin: If your normal skin is not too dry or oily, you will find plenty of
options when you shop for foundation. Foundations for normal skin usually come with a
matte top coat, but you can also opt for a rosy top coat. Normal Skin Primer is enriched with SPF and also provides
for extra sun protection.
● Oily skin foundation: There are many foundations for oily skin.
Oily skin needs special foundation
. Oily skin has
 larger pores, so you need a foundation that shrinks pores.
Primers for oily skin almost always have a matte finish because it keeps your skin from looking oily and
● Dry skin foundation: Dry skin should be very careful when choosing a foundation. Foundation, preferably
, should
 be rich in moisturizers to keep your skin looking dewy.
If you don’t apply the right foundation to
dry skin, it can start peeling very quickly.
As we have seen, primers are suitable for all skin types. However, you must take the time to choose the right foundation for your
 There is no single product that works for all skin types. Know your skin condition and purchase the
product accordingly.
9. Is there a substitute for primer?
Primer is an essential product and should ideally be used. However, you can sometimes replace the primer with the following

● Milk of Magnesia: It may sound weird, but give it a try! Just take some low wattage
 milk of magnesia and apply it to your face before makeup.
The makeup lasts for
hours, so you won’t need to reapply every few hours.

● BB cream: BB cream was used as a make-up base. It will not have the same effect as foundation.
However, this will ensure smooth coverage and even makeup afterwards.
● Aloe Vera gel and moisturizer: Aloe Vera gel mixed with a small amount of moisturizer can be used as an effective make-up base for oily
skin. The aloe vera helps soothe irritated skin and the moisturizer prevents flaking.
If you need a quick fix, try
, a primary alternative.

Always try to use an appropriate primer, but definitely use these alternatives when needed.
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10. Do you have a homemade makeup base?
You can make an instant base by mixing aloe vera gel, moisturizer and foundation.
Take about two
teaspoons of moisturizer. However, if you have very dry skin, increase the amount of moisturizer you use. Then add
Clear Aloe Vera Gel, about three teaspoons. Mix in a few balls of foundation. You have to be very careful with the
and choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.
Mix well and apply to face and neck. You
need to mix all three ingredients well, otherwise your homemade foundation will become uneven and affect your overall appearance. Don’t wear a lot of this foundation. Put a few drops on your fingertips and massage outward. You will get an excellent result and your makeup will last longer.