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The New CEO And Board Member Of BlackBerry is John Giamatteo

BlackBerry has appointed John Giamatteo, the president of its cybersecurity division, as the new CEO and board member. This decision coincides with the company abandoning its intended subsidiary initial public offering (IO) for its Internet of Things (IoT) business. In October 2021, Giamatteo assumed the role of president for BlackBerry’s cybersecurity business, said a release.

Prior to this, he held the positions of president and chief revenue officer at McAfee, a San Jose, California-based antivirus and mobile security and identity monitoring company. With a career spanning 30 years, Giamatteo has held leadership roles at Solera, Nortel Networks, RealNetworks, and AVG Technologies, where he previously served as the chief operating officer (COO).

Since October 2021, Giamatteo has held the position of President of BlackBerry’s Cybersecurity business unit.

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Following Giamatteo’s appointment, Richard Lynch, who served as interim CEO at BlackVerry, will continue as the chairman of the board. In this capacity, Lynch will oversee the company’s strategic initiatives, including the transformation of its Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity businesses into standalone BlackBerry divisions.

“Giamatteo’s deep industry experience and outstanding track record of inspiring teams and delivering operational excellence means he is strongly positioned to drive this critical transformation of BlackBerry,” Mike Daniels, Chair of the Compensation, Nomination and Governance Committee of the BlackBerry Board, was quoted as saying.

“I am excited to lead the next phase of BlackBerry’s evolution as its CEO. BlackBerry’s IoT and Cybersecurity businesses have market-leading technology, exceptional teams and large market opportunities,” Giamatteo was quoted as saying.