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Tesla Recalling Over 2 Million Cars Over Autopilot Safety Fault,

Tesla Recalling Over 2 Million Cars Over Autopilot Safety Fault

EV maker Tesla is issuing a recall for more than 2 million vehicles, including almost all its cars on the US roads. The decision follows an investigation revealing that Tesla’s autopilot safety system was deemed “not sufficient to prevent driver misuse”. The recall affects various models, including the 2012-2023 Model S, 2016-2023 Model X, 2017-2023 Model 3, and 2020-2023 Model Y, all equipped with Autosteer, a feature described by Tesla as “traffic-aware cruise control”.

Ola’s AI Model Krutrim Is Here

Is it time to move over ChatGPT? A new artificial intelligence (AI) model is here. Ola, the Indian ride-hailing company, has introduced its own native large language model named Krutrim, with ambitions to dominate the local market. Company CEO Bhavish Aggarwal recently presented Krutrim’s linguistic capabilities in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru, showcasing its proficiency not only in English but also in 10 different Indian languages. Aggarwal conducted a live demo, demonstrating Krutrim’s multilingual abilities by seamlessly switching between languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Google’s Tool To Repair Pixel Phones And DIY Manuals Coming Soon

In a bid to assist users in identifying issues with their Pixel phones, Google is launching a diagnostic tool. Users can access the app by dialing *#*#7287#*#* on the dial pad, enabling them to verify the proper functioning of their Pixel phone either before or after a repair. The app offers a range of diagnostic tools. Users can conduct a comprehensive diagnostic test to identify issues on their Pixel device, or choose individual tests for physical defects, display concerns, sensor functionality, and connectivity problems. This new tool is accessible on all Pixel phones in English language.

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Spotify May Let Users Create Playlists Using AI Soon

A few weeks ago, Spotify was said to be in the process of developing a feature that enables users to create playlists using artificial intelligence (AI) prompts. Spotify’s “AI playlists” feature is currently being tested to gauge user responses to AI-driven playlist creation. While the company acknowledged conducting the test to TechCrunch, specific details about the technology and its workings, as well as a definitive launch timeframe, were not disclosed.

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John Giamatteo Is The New CEO Of BlackBerry

BlackBerry has appointed John Giamatteo, the president of its cybersecurity division, as the new CEO and board member. This decision coincides with the company abandoning its intended subsidiary initial public offering (IO) for its Internet of Things (IoT) business. In October 2021, Giamatteo assumed the role of president for BlackBerry’s cybersecurity business, said a release.

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