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piled up inside Gaza tunnel Israel releases video of bodies of Hamas terrorists

A footage released by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and the Shin Bet security agency shows the bodies of several Hamas terrorists piled up inside a tunnel used by the Palestinian terror group in northern Gaza. It also shows a Hamas members being killed in the narrow and dark corridor.

According to the video clip, a camera appears to be lowered into the tunnel where a Hamas terrorist touches the device and gestures before being killed when he was either shot or hit by an explosion, The New York Post reported.

The footage also shows several Hamas terrorists lying dead inside the tunnel.

Hamas’s extensive tunnel network in Gaza has been used for various purposes, including smuggling weapons and explosives, supplies, as well as conducting surprise attacks on Israeli forces. Some of these tunnels also extend into Israeli territory, raising security concerns for the Israeli government.

The construction and use of these tunnels has been a source of conflict between Israel and Hamas. Israel has vowed to destroy the entire tunnel network of Hamas amid its war against the Palestinian terror group.

Recently, Israel’s elite Yahalom unit of the combat engineering corps killed Hamas terrorists in a “significant” tunnel using “diverse means”, according to The Times of Israel.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops destroyed Hamas’s Shejaia Battalion headquarters in Gaza City and advanced further into Khan Younis in southern Gaza, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The IDF, during the operation, killed Hamas terrorists and destroyed a tunnel shaft where one was hiding and attempting to throw explosives at Israeli forces.