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Ola’s Chief Bhavish Aggrawal Launched Indias First AI Model Krutrim

New Delhi: In a significant move beyond its cab services, Ola, the ride-hailing giant in India, has ventured into the AI (Artificial Intelligence) realm with the introduction of Krutrim, one of India’s first indigenous AI models. Ola’s CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, unveiled Krutrim during a live event, emphasizing its local roots, built on Indian languages and data.

Ola aims to encourage the adoption of indigenous AI products like Krutrim, advocating for a departure from Western AI offerings such as ChatGPT and Google. (Also Read: These Banks Changed Loan Interest Rates In December: Check New Rates Here)

Aggrawal highlighted Krutrim’s simplicity and user-friendly interface during the event, expressing its potential to attract a diverse user base in India. (Also Read: Are You Looking For Safe And Tax-Efficient Investment Option? Check Benefits Of Tax-Free Bonds

The AI model claims proficiency in understanding 20 Indian languages and generating content in 10 Indian languages, including Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Odia.

Although Krutrim is still in its beta phase, Ola envisions a comprehensive AI ecosystem, encompassing an AI chip, a sustainable AI cloud, a family of AI models, and a user-facing application.

The company showcased a demo of the AI chatbot, showcasing its ability to handle simple queries like creating stories and poems.

Krutrim is available in two models, the basic version, and the Pro model, set to be released in the next quarter. Ola’s ambitious foray into AI aligns with the broader industry trend, with major tech players investing heavily in AI development.

While the path ahead requires substantial investment, Ola aims to position itself as a key player in shaping India’s direction in AI, aligning with government initiatives.