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AI Practitioners Elaborate On AI’s Future At Global AI Conclave

Andrew Ng, the founder of Coursera, while speaking at the Global AI Conclave organised by Money Control said that the fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is overblown. He said that the amount of jobs that would be lost due to AI is far lower than what is being reported or imagined. Apart from Andrew, a number of renowned industry experts took the stage and shared their views on AI and how it will transform the landscape in the future.

“The rate at which AI is developing across the world, maybe a few years down the line, we will face some difficulties in holding our jobs which is why one of the areas of emphasis during this conclave was on how we need to keep upskilling ourselves continuously. One of the examples of this would be a normal radiologist versus a radiologist who knows how to harness the power of AI to make him better at his job. The latter will have higher chances of excelling in his field than the former,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer of Zoho Sridhar Vembu, while sharing his views on AI, said that with a narrow focus, it might be possible to achieve better results. He underlined the versatility of AI models tailored for particular areas and talked about how smaller models are good for specific demands. While detailing the intricacies, he also highlighted the transformative potential of AI in software development. He gave the example of Zoho and said that the company is focusing on software-specific domains. He added that one could raise the productivity of an average programmer with AI.

Vice-President of Product Management, Network Security, Palo Alto Networks, Swapna Bapat, hailed the abilities of AI at the conclave and talked about how it has been helpful in the defence sector. She said that AI has been used in image recognition, but, also elaborated on how there needs to be an ability to recognize text and prevent leaks. She then emphasised the fact that AI has reduced the median response time, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

More than 15 sessions have been organised at the Global AI Conclave and 25 plus leading AI practitioners and global thought leaders will be taking the stage to share their opinions on the topic.