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Adani ‘Green Talks’ Supports Five Social Impact Start-Ups

Adani Group, one of India’s fastest growing portfolio, held the third edition of ‘Green Talks’ in Ahmedabad on Friday. Founders of five start-ups presented their ideas at the event that aims to provide a platform to social entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and bring them to fruition.

‘Green Talks’ is a non-profit open platform that unites the global network of social enterprises that are bringing about broad transformation to accelerate progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 2023 edition of the programme provides a platform to entrepreneurs who are making a fundamental difference to Bharat through their innovative solutions aimed at the betterment of humanity.

Among the start-ups that attended this year’s event were Dveck Mobility Private Limited, which has come up with a device that can be bolted on any bicycle to convert it into an EV in minutes, and Haqdarshak, a social impact focused tech organisation that is working towards making access to government welfare schemes easy and transparent. Other start-ups include Marut Drones, which makes smart drones that can be used in several farming applications from seeding to harvesting, ONergy Solar, which is working towards making solar solutions affordable and accessible to all, and PRESPL, which provides green and sustainable biomass solutions. The event was telecast live on YouTube and on internal channels for Adani employees.

Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani said, “Today, the ability of an organization to learn is its biggest differentiator. And the best way to learn about technology is to immerse oneself in the field of start-ups. Adani Group welcomes start-ups to use us as a sandbox to deploy their solutions. Courage is one of the Adani Group’s values and we applaud the courage that youngsters show in setting up start-ups. The spirit of entrepreneurship is what drives them; this is what India needs. This is why India has so many unicorns, and this is what we need to celebrate.”

Start-ups that Adani Group has earlier worked with include iKure, a healthcare innovator that provided services in the Sundarbans, prosthetics technologist RoboBionics and Megha Gupta, the founder of dharavimarket.com, a social enterprise focusing on the holistic development of the craftsmen and residents of Dharavi.

The first edition of ‘Green Talks’ was held in 2021 and in 2022, the Adani Prize for Social Enterprise was announced to be awarded to five outstanding social entrepreneurs for their impact in India and other parts of the developing world. The prize was a total of Rs 5 crores in funding for the chosen social enterprises.

‘Green Talks’ brings together social enterprises working towards broad transformation in a range of sectors to accelerate progress. It has been designed as a space for open-source innovation, a forum for unrestricted discussion, and an incubator for concepts that could lead to long-lasting societal change. It believes in the entrepreneur’s ability to harness technology, design and business innovation for the grea