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Winter Skincare: 5 Tips For Healthy, Nourished Skin

Winter is here! Along with the en

less cups of hot chocolate, the holiday festivities and cosy sweater days, there’s a downside – the drop in temperature doesn’t do much for our skin. The decrease in humidity and crisp air can leave our skin feeling rough, dry, flaky and itchy – presenting a challenge to keep it hydrated, healthy and supple during the cold months. But fret not, we’ve curated some winter-friendly tips to pamper your skin, ensuring you glow effortlessly through the season:


In this chilly weather, the temptation of a steamy hot shower is hard to resist, but it’s a big no-no! The intense heat can strip away the natural oils from your skin, leaving it excessively dry. While the brave can opt for cold water, we suggest a compromise: indulge in the skin-loving benefits of lukewarm water for baths and facial cleansing.


Timing is everything in the art of moisturizing, especially during harsh winters. Post-shower, gently pat your skin dry and immediately apply a rich, thick moisturizer. Unlike the light formulations perfect for summers, winter demands a denser texture to lock in essential moisture. A good choice for the season would be NIVEA Creme, the OG cream. Dermatologically approved, its multi-purpose formula caters to every winter woe – from dry elbows to cracked heels to chapped lips to body dryness. Priced at just INR 245 for a 100ml tin, this comforting ally ensures your skin gets that EXTRA care required during winter season!

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It’s easy to consider skipping it due to shorter winter days and reduced sunlight but think twice. Even in colder months, harmful UV rays can pose a threat to your skin’s moisture barrier – crucial for maintaining skin health and hydration. Incorporate a good sunscreen into your morning routine post-moisturizing to ensure your skin stays shielded and well-nourished.


Exfoliation is key to remove dead cells and encourage cell turnover. However, during winters, the skin tends to be more sensitive, hence it crucial to exercise caution and avoid over-exfoliating. Choose a mild exfoliant and incorporate it into your routine every 7-10 days. Resist the urge to over-scrub, as harsher exfoliation can disrupt your skin’s moisture barrier.


Fuel your body with antioxidant-rich fruits, veggies, and heart-healthy fats found in fish, seeds and nuts. Hydrate not just with water but also with soups and juices. Combat dryness with almonds, a skin-nourishing snack that adds radiance to your winter beauty routine.

We hope these tips help you defy the winter blues and remember to be patient and consistent with your skincare routine! Happy winters and may your skin glow brighter than ever!