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US mother catches teen son having sex with teacher via mobile tracking app

Much to a mother’s dismay, a teenage son in United States’ North Carolina was caught red-handed having sex with his teacher in a car parked inside a park.

Amid rumours about their illicit relationship, the mother had grown suspicious, especially when the son’s location was not traced at the rugby practice as scheduled. The mother then resorted to using a tracking app, Life360, to catch her son’s location, only to find him having sex with his 26-year-old high school teacher in a car.

The parent had installed Life360, an app introduced in 2008 which provides a location-based service to track his whereabouts.

Taken aback by her son’s location, and his absence at a sports practice session, the mother personally visited the location, which was that of a park.

The app showed that he was idling near a local park where the mother allegedly found her 18-year-old son in a compromising situation with his high school teacher, identified as Gabriela Cartaya Neufeld, in her car. She was a teacher at South Mecklenburg High School.

The teacher was apprehended by the US authorities shortly after the mother caught them in the act and informed the police. Cartaya Neufeld now faces five counts of felony for “sexual activity with a student by a teacher”.

According to a WSOC-TV report, the mother had heard about the relationship over Thanksgiving and grew suspicious when her son was not at rugby practice. She noticed the missed practice because of the Life360 app, a family safety location app. It was then that the shocked parent called the police to the scene where the teacher was taken into custody. The mother called the authorities only after she’d taken several pictures of the teacher’s vehicle and licence plate.

Court documents, according to reports, suggest that Cartaya Neufeld and the teenage student have had sex at least five times since October but fewer than 100 times. The encounters allegedly happened in places that include inside the student’s mother’s home, car and Cartaya Neufeld’s home.

The school website has listed Cartaya Neufeld as a science teacher for classes 9 to 12. Reports suggest that the duo had been previously pulled up by the school authorities over their alleged equation and were under scanner.