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Top Tech News Today: Phishing Scam That Targets Facebook Business Accounts Discovered, GPay Sto

Phishing Scam That Targets Facebook Business Accounts Discovered

Researchers at Kaspersky have found a new phishing scheme targeting Facebook business accounts, which use legitimate Facebook infrastructure to send deceptive emails with threats of account suspension. According to the researchers, cybercriminals have created method to use authentic Facebook functions to send fake suspension warnings to business accounts. These emails, originating from Facebook, contain alarming messages such as “24 Hours Left to Request Review. See Why”. The phishing scheme works when a user clicks the email link that leads to a genuine Facebook page displaying a similar warning. After that, a user is redirected to a phishing site disguised with Meta branding, reducing the time to resolve the issue from 24-12 hours. Finally, the phishing site initially asks for innocuous information, followed by a request for the account’s email, or phone number and password.

GPay Stops Working In This Country

Google is phasing out its standalone payments app in the US. Starting June 4, the standalone payments app GPay will no longer be available on the Google Play Store or work on existing devices. This change also marks the discontinuation of peer-to-peer (P2P) payment facility in the US. GPay, previously working on Android home screens, automatically signed out users in the US.

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iPhones Getting Call Recording And Transcribing Feature

At its annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled new call recording and transcribing features as part of the much-anticipated iOS 18. This update will allow users to record and transcribe phone calls and automatic notifications will be sent to all parties, that the call is being recorded. Whether you are making or receiving a call, you can activate the recording feature.

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Spotify To Introduce HiFi Tier This Year

Spotify is considering launching its new “HiFi” music tier sometime within this year, the media has reported. News agency Bloomberg, citing an anonymous source familiar with the situation, reported that Spotify is in the process of introducing its HiFi tier to users “later this year.” The source further mentioned that music streaming giant plans to offer its HiFi music plan as an “add-on,” allowing existing customers to access higher-quality music.

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