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Tennis Premier League: Bengaluru SG Mavericks crowned champions of Season 5 after beating Bengal Wizards

On the climactic day of the fifth season of the Tennis Premier League, Bengaluru Mavericks overcame the Bengal Wizards to be crowned as the champions on December 19.

The semi-finals kicked off with a riveting face-off between the Bengaluru SG Mavericks and Delhi Binny’s Brigade. In a closely contested match, Bengaluru’s Arina Rodionova outplayed Sahaja Yamalapalli with a narrow victory of 11-9.

The action intensified in the Men’s Singles, where Bengaluru’s Ramkumar Ramanathan showcased his prowess against Denis Novak, securing a win with a score of 12-8. The Mixed Doubles saw another win for the Mavericks as the duo of Arina Rodionova and Vishnu Vardhan overcame their opponents, Sahaja Yamalapalli and Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan, with an identical score of 11-9.

However, in the Men’s Doubles, the Mavericks’ pair, Ramanathan and Vardhan, faced defeat at the hands of Nedunchezhiyan and Dennis Novak, with a score of 7-9. Despite this setback, the Mavericks accumulated 41 points, earning their place in the final showdown, with Ramanathan receiving accolades as the Player of the Match for his exceptional performance.

In the other semi-final bracket, the Bengal Wizards squared off against the Punjab Patriots. Maria Timofeeva of the Wizards claimed a win over Conny Perrin with a score of 12-8. The Men’s Singles saw Sriram Balaji of the Wizards triumph over Digvijay Pratap Singh with a score of 13-7.

The Mixed Doubles resulted in a draw, with Timofeeva and Anirudh Chandrasekar of the Wizards matching the performance of Perrin and Arjun Kadhe of the Patriots, ending the game at 10-all. The concluding Men’s Doubles match witnessed Balaji and Chandrasekar succumb to Singh and Kadhe, with a score of 5-8. Nevertheless, the Wizards matched the Mavericks’ score of 41 points, setting the stage for a thrilling final.

The much-awaited final was a spectacle of skill and determination as the Bengaluru SG Mavericks clashed with the Bengal Wizards. The Women’s Singles saw Rodionova of the Mavericks fall to Timofeeva of the Wizards, with a score of 9-11. However, the tide turned in the Men’s Singles, where Ramanathan continued his winning streak for the Mavericks, defeating Balaji with a close score of 11-9.

The Mixed Doubles featured a dominant performance by Rodionova and Vardhan, who overpowered their Wizard counterparts, Timofeeva and Chandrasekar, with a decisive score of 14-6.

With momentum on their side, the Mavericks entered the final Men’s Doubles match needing only 7 points to claim the championship. Ramanathan and Vardhan did not disappoint, swiftly securing the necessary points to clinch the TPL season 5 title, crowning the Bengaluru SG Mavericks as the champions of a memorable and electrifying season.