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Telugu Crime-Thriller Promises Goosebumps And Much More – Heres How To Watch It

New Delhi: No wonder, the gripping trailer of the upcoming Telugu series, Vyooham has created an undenying buzz. Helmed by Sashikanth Srivaishnav Peesapati, the crime-thriller features Sai Sushanth Reddy in the lead role with Chaitanya Krishna, Pavani Gangireddy, Ravindra Vijay and Shashank Siddamsetty in pivotal roles.

The suspenseful trailer of the upcoming Telugu series, Vyooham showcases ACP Arjun Ramachandra, portrayed by Sai Sushanth Reddy, as he engages viewers in a relentless quest for justice. The plot unfolds from a seemingly simple hit-and-run involving a tragic loss for a pregnant couple into a compelling tapestry of intertwined lives. Tasked with tracking down a serial killer, a trained naxal, handling a suspended cop, and dismantling a terrorist organization, Arjun’s journey is intensified by the haunting echoes of his own painful past. The trailer takes the audiences through numerous twists and turns promising an immersive experience that transcends conventional crime-thrillers. Featuring a diverse cast and skillfully blending suspense, drama, and action, the series invites audiences into a labyrinth of mystery where each twist reveals a deeper layer of intrigue.

“At Annapurna Studios, we take great pride in our collaborative spirit, and Vyooham, our upcoming Telugu series, exemplifies this ethos,” said producer Supriya Yarlagadda. She continued, “Our vision was to tell a story that unfolds like a puzzle and rewards a viewer’s attention, and it felt great to achieve that with this show. We are confident that the unconventional narrative we have created will resonate with audiences in several countries, thanks to the reach of Prime Video. The extremely talented cast, director, and crew have woven a compelling crime thriller, and we are thrilled to share this finely crafted story with audiences worldwide.”

“Creating Vyooham was a fantastic journey for me. Teaming up with Annapurna Studios and directing my first series felt like a thrilling creative ride. The complex storyline and the strong performance by Sai Sushanth Reddy and the cast have turned Vyooham into a special project. I’m grateful and excited that our passion project will reach a diverse audience,” shared director Sashikanth Srivaishnav Peesapati.

“Portraying the character of ACP Arjun Ramachandra was both challenging and exhilarating, and I always strive to push my limits in every role,” said Sai Sushanth Reddy. “Vyooham is an example of this – a crime thriller with strong performances.” Working with an incredible cast and a visionary director was a rewarding experience, and I’m looking forward to audiences all over the world immersing themselves in the complexities, drama, and thrilling quest for truth. I am confident that this gripping series will leave a lasting impact on viewers.”

Vyooham will premiere on Prime Video in Telugu in India and across 240 countries and territories worldwide on December 14.