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Surge In Use Of Short Format Videos Leads To Birth Of Influencers, Multiple Apps

The rise in viewership of short-format videos has birthed a dynamic landscape of influencers and propelled the emergence of numerous apps in India. This rapid growth, fueled first by TikTok (now banned in India and several other countries), YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, MX Player and Moj among others, has redefined the digital content space, offering a breeding ground for creators to showcase their talent, creativity, and storytelling skills within compact time frames.

As a result, a wave of influencers has risen, leveraging these platforms to amass substantial followings, engage diverse audiences, and wield significant influence over consumer behavior and trends. Simultaneously, the burgeoning demand for short-form video content has sparked the creation of various innovative apps like Adda365, each vying to capture and cater to the evolving preferences of Indian users, contributing to the vibrant and ever-expanding ecosystem of digital content creation in the country.

Seeing the accelerating growth of the short video market in India, Adda365 has come out with innovative Audio Room feature that allows creators to not only showcase their talents but also connect with their audience more effectively. The platform is looking to take major pie of the burgeoning short video entertainment market, expected to reach over 400 million users by 2025.

Adda365 integrates short videos and audio rooms for a captivating online experience. It also hasĀ  customization features for audio rooms and a virtual gifting system adds a fun element to user engagement. The audio rooms provide a sense of social interaction by allowing users access to video calls or those facing limited internet connectivity.