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Putin wants US President who is 'more constructive' towards Russia: Kremlin

A top Russian official said that Vladimir Putin would prefer a US President who is “more constructive” towards Russia and one who understands the “importance of dialogue”.

In an interview with NBC News, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian President would be ready to work with “anyone who will understand from now on, you have to be more careful with Russia”.

Peskov weighed in on the upcoming US elections and said that Putin would prefer a US Head of State who also “takes into account Russia’s concerns”.

The Russian official was asked whether Putin could work with the Republican frontrunner and former US President Donald Trump, who recently claimed a plan to resolve the war in Ukraine within 24 hours if he was re-elected to a second term.

Speaking about Trump’s claims that he would end the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war in a day, Peskov said the conflict was “too complicated” to be resolved that easily.

He also accused the US and the West of prolonging the war in the eastern European country, alleging they have been sending conflicting messages about the support they’d be sending to Kyiv. He blamed the US for gushing billions of taxpayers’ dollars into the “wind” by providing military and financial aid to Ukraine, which, as per Peskov, failed to realise its goal on the battlefield.

“You have to understand your responsibility for this,” Peskov said. “You are making this conflict longer,” he said and cautioned that the world is “less safe than it used to be” before the dialogue between the US and Russia paused after the Kremlin launched an invasion, which it dubbed as “special military operation”, in Ukraine.

Peskov’s statement comes a week after Putin affirmed his stance on the upcoming election in his country and said he would run for the