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PM Modi Supports Global AI Framework, Grok To Enter India

Global AI regulation framework gets adopted. Apple launches Journal. Elon Musk’s Grok will soon be live in India. The world of technology news was dominated by these headlines, and more, over the past week. Here’s a deeper look. 

PM Modi Addresses Global AI Threat

In a noteworthy address at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence Summit on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi underscored the pressing global concern surrounding the utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools by terrorists. Emphasising the necessity for a comprehensive international ethical framework governing AI usage, PM Modi drew attention to the potential dual nature of AI — portraying it as a potent catalyst for 21st-century development while cautioning against its potential to evolve into a destructive force.

This statement by the Prime Minister comes amidst the proactive measures taken by the Indian government in its crackdown on deepfakes. During the summit, PM Modi highlighted India’s proactive stance, stating that the nation, during its G20 presidency, proposed the establishment of a governance framework for AI that is responsible and human-centric.

Addressing the audience, PM Modi expressed concern about the broader implications of AI falling into the wrong hands, particularly those of terrorists. He raised the alarm regarding the significant threats posed by AI-laced weapons in the possession of terrorist organisations, emphasising that global security could be severely compromised. Citing challenges such as deepfakes, cyber security, and data theft, the Prime Minister urged for collective deliberation on the issue, advocating for the formulation of a concrete plan to prevent the misuse of AI. The Prime Minister’s remarks were reported by news agency PTI.

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Apple’s Journal Now Live

In the most recent iOS 17.2 update, iPhone users are presented with a revolutionary tool to streamline their writing experience. Unveiled at the WWDC annual conference this summer, the Journal app is set to transform the way users engage with their thoughts and reflections. This innovative application, integrated with on-device machine learning (ML), introduces personalised suggestions for journal entries and incorporates customisable notifications to support users in cultivating regular writing habits.

The Journal app revolutionises the process of journaling, offering a user-friendly interface that facilitates basic text entries while allowing users to enhance their entries with multimedia elements like photos, videos, locations, or audio recordings. Additionally, the on-device ML in iOS 17.2 provides private and personalised suggestions, empowering users to delve into their thoughts with a fresh perspective.

Furthermore, the Journal app facilitates the incorporation of external content, such as news articles, music, or podcasts, into journal entries. Users can seamlessly import and organise these elements, providing a comprehensive and multimedia-rich documentation of their experiences. The app also allows users to browse, bookmark, and filter past entries based on various details like photos, workouts, places, and more.

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Grok To Enter India

Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence company, xAI, has revealed its plans to extend the reach of its generative AI chatbot, Grok AI, to India and 46 other nations. The list of countries includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and several others. This move comes on the heels of X, formerly known as Twitter, updating its user base on the progressive expansion of Grok AI chatbot access to Premium+ subscribers within the United States.

X, under Musk’s ownership, has initiated the phased introduction of Grok, an innovative AI chatbot, exclusively for Premium+ subscribers on its platform. Musk preemptively cautioned users about potential issues with the beta version but promised ongoing improvements.

In line with the global strategy, access to Grok in India is restricted to X Premium+ subscribers, necessitating a monthly subscription fee of Rs 1,300 or an annual fee of Rs 13,600. This subscription model is consistent with the platform’s approach elsewhere in the world.

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Murthy Cautions Against Viral Deepfake

Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy refuted allegations of his association with a circulating deepfake video that has surfaced on social media. Murthy, on Wednesday, explicitly denied any involvement in the creation or dissemination of the deceptive content, as reported by various media outlets.

Emphasising the importance of vigilance among social media users, Murthy cautioned against falling prey to misleading information and urged individuals to promptly report such incidents to relevant authorities. The entrepreneur addressed the matter through a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, where he underscored the falseness of multiple video clips falsely attributing his purported investments to automated trading applications.

Murthy categorically distanced himself from any engagement in activities depicted in the deepfake video and urged the public not to lend credence to the misinformation being propagated through these manipulated clips. The co-founder emphasised the significance of discerning authentic information and encouraged users to remain cautious in the face of deceptive digital content.

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CERT-In Cautions Against Samsung Flaw

In a recent advisory, the Computer Emergency Response Team, or CERT-In, has raised alarms over significant security concerns affecting Samsung mobile users in India. Designated as CIVN-2023-0360, the warning specifically targets Samsung phones operating on Android versions 11, 12, 13, and 14, according to media reports.

The identified vulnerabilities pose a high risk, as they could potentially allow unauthorised access to sensitive data on the affected devices. CERT-In underscores the gravity of the situation, pointing out that attackers could covertly infiltrate the targeted systems, circumvent security restrictions, and retrieve information without detection.

The security advisory outlines that these vulnerabilities open avenues for attackers to exploit security weaknesses, potentially leading to the unauthorised execution of arbitrary code on compromised Samsung devices. The impact extends across various components within the Samsung ecosystem, raising concerns about the overall security of these devices.

CERT-In emphasises that attackers may leverage these vulnerabilities to surpass security barriers, acquire sensitive information, and execute arbitrary code on targeted systems. The identified issues stem from multiple sources, including improper access control in Knox features, an integer overflow flaw in facial recognition software, authorisation concerns related to the AR Emoji app, and other contributing factors. The comprehensive warning aims to alert Samsung mobile users in India to take precautionary measures and remain vigilant against potential security threats.

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That’s it from the world of tech headlines this week. Stay tuned to this space for more top stories next week.

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