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Korean Crossover: Aooras Big Boss Symphony Strikes A Chord In The Heart Of India

New Delhi: Aoora is a South Korean singer and composer who loves to sing Hindi film numbers. In a little over a year, Aoora has firmly established himself on the Indian music scene with his unique mixes of Bollywood numbers with Korean songs. He is also the wild card entry into the house of Big Boss 17, becoming the first Korean artist to be part of the house. As visuals of him entertaining his housemates as well as teaching host Salman Khan how to get the famous Korean hearts right, Aoora is fanning the flames of fame.

Who is Aoora?

Former member of the K-pop boy group Double-A, Park Min-jung aka Aoora has released a couple of albums and discovered Hindi songs in 2016 when he first heard “Cham Cham” from Baaghi. He went on to listen to songs from various languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi.

With his famous tagline, “Janam se videshi, dil se ekdam desi,” Aoora has been collaborating with a host of Indian artists, including rapper Honey Singh.

The singer, who knows very basic Hindi, has been performing at several concerts and has regaled audiences with his renditions of popular songs such as “Auva Auva,” “Jimmy Jimmy,” and “Yeh Shaam Mastani.”

“I am going in to have fun and be myself. I think I will be able to learn more about India inside and also show more about Korea to people here in India. My goal has always been to bring two cultures together, and I think that is just what I will be able to do in Big Boss also. I’m very excited about this new journey,” Aoora revealed before he set foot into the Big Boss’s house.

Neither is he in any way overwhelmed by the language barrier as he has been teaching his housemates Korean and Hindi. His parents in Seoul, who are unable to watch their son, are proud of his stint. In an exclusive to Zeeindia.com, they said,

Proud Family and Friends

“We don’t get to see the episodes here in Korea, but we are watching his clips on social media. We are so proud of him and the way he is challenging himself. We wish to come to India soon and also experience all the love he is getting from India.”

His teammates and friends Fridayy, MIMI, and Jimi say, “We are feeling so happy to see Aoora doing so well. We were a bit worried initially because he didn’t understand Hindi or English well, but he surprised us. He seems to be having a lot of fun, and everyone has been very kind to him in the house. We wish everyone to see more of him and get to know him more. Please give him your love.”

Getting him into the house of Big Boss was the brainchild of Rachna Puri, CEO of Vectormob. “Aoora is an exceptionally talented soul, and Big Boss is a platform where he can connect with India’s mainstream audience. I am so happy to see how comfortably he adjusted in a zone that is so different from his comfort zone.”

South Korea Loves Three Idiots

There is no denying India’s ongoing love affair with Korean Content. There is an insatiable appetite for K-pop, K Dramas, K Beauty, and K food. On the other hand, many South Koreans have expressed their love for Indian films, with Rajkumar Hirani’s “Three Idiots” topping the list followed by SS Rajamouli’s “RRR.” BTS Singer Jungkook hummed “Naatu Naatu” much to the delight of fans, clocking in over 19 million views. K-pop singers like Jiny

ung, and BamBam, as well as actors such as Shin Hae Sung, Sung Hoon, and Park Hyung Sik, have expressed their love for Indian food.