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Fresh ICMR Guidelines Ask People To Avoid Tea, Coffee At These Hours

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) issued 17 fresh dietary guidelines for Indian citizens in a joint effort with the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN). The guidelines have cautioned people against having tea or coffee without maintaining an interval of at least an hour before or after the meals.

Putting an emphasis on promoting healthy eating habits among the Indians, the guidelines released by ICMR ask people to avoid consuming tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks along with meals or avoid them for at least an hour before and after eating food. With the help of these guidelines, the medical body also elucidates the caffeine content of popular beverages. A 150ml cup of brewed coffee has around 80-120 mg of caffeine, while instant coffee has 50 – 65mg. Tea contains 30 – 65mg of caffeine. As per the guidelines, individuals should not exceed 300 mg caffeine intake mark.

The reason behind avoiding tea or coffee for at least an hour before and after meals is the tannin content, as per ICMR. Tannins can reduce iron absorption in the body as it ties to iron in the stomach. When it is hard for the body to absorb iron, the result could be either iron deficiency or health conditions like anaemia. Talking about excessive coffee consumption, ICMR states that it can also cause high blood pressure and cardiac irregularities.

ICMR has recommended avoiding milk tea. Highlighting the benefits of drinking tea without milk, the apex health body of India also shed light on how drinking tea without milk improves blood circulation. The risk of coronary artery disease and stomach cancer is also reduced, it said. Moreover, caffeine in tea and coffee might disrupt the central nervous system of the human body, leading to physiological dependence.

Urging people to shift towards healthy living, ICMR has asked people to take a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and seafood. The guidelines also shed light on being physically active.

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