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Emraan Hashmi Gifts His Wife THIS Each Time He Kisses Onscreen

New Delhi: Bollywood’s ‘Serial Kisser’ Emraan Hashmi is more that now.Although, those were unforgettable times when the actor had worked hard to achieve the infamous tag. In old interviews, the actor would often talk about how his wife, Parveen Shahani, reacted to the many kissing scenes that he used to have in his movies.

In an interview with IANS in 2016, Emraan said, “She still sulks. She doesn’t hit me as hard now, earlier it used to be with a bag, now it’s just with the hand. So, she has kind of come down over the years.”

He said, “Always buy her bags, for every kiss, for every film. She has got a cupboard full of bags, there’s one cupboard dedicated to bags. As many times, but bag is only once. We’ve had a barter deal; that way I told her that I’ll be broke. Don’t take money for everything, take money for the film and buy a bag with it.”

According to Digital Spy, Emraan Hashmi did get his share of ‘slaps’. “I do get slapped around by my wife always after she comes out of the first screenings of my films. Obviously I expect her not to understand but she knows that these are my professional decisions which I have to comply with,” he said.

In conversation with Karan Johar, Emraan said, “In the first seat my wife digging her nails into my hand like ‘what the hell have you done and you haven’t prepared me for this and what are you doing because this is not Bollywood’. When the hands came off, there were four jabs… I was injured…I was bleeding,” he said, adding that Parveen ‘hasn’t accepted’ the truth of his job, but that they have arrived at a ‘common ground’.