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Car collides with Joe Biden's motorcade in Delaware, US President, First Lady safe

A car collided with a parked SUV that was part of US President Joe Biden’s motorcade in Delaware’s Wilmington on Sunday night. The incident happened when Biden and First Lady Jill Biden had just left after a visit to his campaign headquarters.

Both the US President and the First Lady were unharmed.

According to the White House press pool report, at the time of the collision, the Bidens had emerged from the Biden-Harris 2024 headquarters in downtown Wilmington amid downpours in the city after having a meal with members of his re-election team.

While Joe Biden was walking from the campaign office to his SUV, a sedan hit a US Secret Service vehicle that was being used to close off intersections near the headquarters for the President’s departure. The sedan then tried to make its way into a closed-off intersection, before Secret Service personnel gathered around the SUV, asking the driver to come out.

The US President was caught looking surprised by the sound, before he was rushed into the vehicle, where his wife was already seated. The Bidens were then driven out of the collision site.

The silver sedan that crashed into Biden’s motorcade sustained damage to its bumper. The driver was quickly surrounded by security officers, as shown in multiple videos of the collision moment that surfaced on social media. Agents cornered the car and drew arms on the driver, who held his hands up and looked confused.

The incident, however, did not have any impact on Joe Biden’s schedule throughout the day, the Associated Press reported.