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Bigg Boss 17: KhanZaadi Shares Favorite Top 5 Contestants In The Reality Show

New Delhi: ‘Bigg Boss 17’ oustee KhanZaadi has talked about her most disliked contestant Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt and her husband Neil Bhatt. She even revealed who would make it to the top five in the controversial reality show.

While revealing her favorite Top 5 Bigg Boss contestants, KhanZaadi shared, “Munawar, Abhishek, Chintu, Ankita ji, aur Mannara ghar ke top 5 hai. Samarth Abhishek ko pel raha hai, Abhishek Samarth ko pel raha hai, inka game bohot confusing hai.

“First they were enemies and then they became friend, they started laughing and eating together and then they parted ways. However, their relationship is real.”

KhanZaadi said that Isha Malviya is too young but her decisions are very mature.

“She still likes Abhishek. Mannara does overacting. She is good by heart and whatever she does is cute but sometimes she comes across as irritating. I am sure if we meet outside we will become good friends.”

She then added: “Vicky aur Ankita di ne mujhe emotionally sambhala hai. Vicky is a businessman, everything’s an investment for him. Let it be love, friendship, connection, he has a business mind. Ankita is emotional, and I call her the queen of BB House. I consider her my sister, Dil se. Mai chammach, Ankita di kate ki chammach, aur Vicky churi hai. Hum hamesha table pe hai ek saath rehte hai”

She also addresses her recent fight in the house, sharing: “Aishwarya’s fighting sounds like someone selling fish in a fish market. Recently, she called me ‘Nalli’ and kept screaming. I was with Ankita, and I told her to ‘Stop selling your fish here.’ Woh deserve karti hai ghar ke bahar jaana. Neil ghar mein aag lagana chahta hai, but laga nahi paata.”

KhanZaadi will be seen spilling anecdotes in the Bigg Buzz on JioCinema.

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