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Approach To Swiggy Copywriter Role Goes Viral Kolkata Job Seekers

New Delhi: In the competitive world of job hunting, one Kolkata-based candidate has taken a bold and humorous approach to stand out from the crowd. Rohit Sethia set his sights on the position of copywriter at Swiggy, unleashing an attention-grabbing 11-page application that has not only amused social media users but also garnered notice from Swiggy’s Assistant Manager, Devanshi Dhingra.

Sethia’s unconventional pitch on LinkedIn skips the usual formalities, diving straight into his unique selling points. In a direct address to Swiggy and a tag to Dhingra, Sethia kicked off his pitch with a lighthearted greeting. (Also Read: Golden Opportunity To Invest In Gold! SGB Scheme Opens On Dec 18)

“Hi, Swiggy! Devanshi Dhingra, saw your post that you’re hiring copywriters. Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider me! Looking forward to hearing from you guys!” he wrote. (Also Read: APY: Want To Get Rs 5,000 Monthly Pension? You Need To Invest This Much Money Per Month)

The standout feature of Sethia’s application is his humorous take on his qualifications. He introduces himself as an avid follower of Swiggy’s competitor, Zomato, for “competition purposes,” and humorously claims to be aspiring to be a stand-up comedian. Sethia even adds a snapshot featuring himself with Anubhav Singh Bassi for good measure.

One of the eye-catching assertions in Sethia’s pitch is his claim of a screen time exceeding 7 hours, emphasizing its potential benefits for staying abreast of trends—an essential skill for a copywriter in digital marketing.

He concludes his presentation with a cheerful remark, playfully drawing attention to his Kolkata roots and throwing in a light-hearted mention of encountering a Bengali baba.

The LinkedIn post quickly gained momentum, with numerous likes and comments pouring in from users applauding Sethia’s creativity and humor. Devanshi Dhingra acknowledged Sethia’s distinctive application with a response on LinkedIn, stating, “Someone knew how to stand out from hundreds of applicants. We have heard you Rohit, and we’ll get back to you.”