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10 Rupees A Day To A 2,000 Crore Empire, Inspiring Journey Of THIS Entrepreneur

New Delhi: The billionaire, Musthafa PC, who now controls an enormous empire worth Rs 2,000 crore, disclosed how, in the past, his father had a meagre salary of Rs 10 per day and his family had difficulty making ends meet. “My father earned 10 rupees a day,” he told Siddhartha Ahluwalia, the host of The Neon Show podcast.

He also disclosed that in order to provide financial support for the family, he and his siblings worked odd jobs. At the tender age of ten, he started helping his father out on the farm by gathering firewood. The business magnate showed early signs of a natural aptitude for business. He was responsible for buying the family’s first asset, a goat, which he purchased from funds he saved. “I think it was some 150 rupees or so. With that money I saved, I bought a goat. And that was the first asset in the family,” he told Ahluwalia.

He then proceeded to buy three to four goats, which he eventually traded for a cow. This improved their financial situation significantly. For the first time. the family could afford three square meals a day. “We were able to eat three meals a day. Because the milk from the cow was regulating for the family,” he stated.