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India’s ‘First Vernacular Dating App’ Flutrr Is Here To Cater To Deamds Of Tier-II & III Cities

India’s alleged first vernacular dating app, Flutrr has been making headlines recently for securing a new investment from Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi. You might be wondering this is just like any other dating app, what would be special about it or why is the term ‘vernacular’ there, right? It claims to be India’s first regional language dating app which lets users communicate in a language of their choice. Apart from that, this app is primarily focused on users residing in Tier-II and III cities of India. It will allow them to connect in languages like English, Hindi and Bengali

Flutrr, co-founded in December 2021 by a father-son duo, IIM Lucknow alumni Kaushik Banerjee and Anirban Banerjee, aims to transform online dating by focusing on India’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets. The app supports six Indian languages, allowing young Indians to build meaningful relationships based on shared linguistic, traditional, and cultural interests.

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Why Is Flutrr Relevant?

According to the latest study by Statista on the online dating market in India, the entry of the Gen Z audience is driving users to become more tech-savvy. This shift is contributing to the ongoing evolution of the traditional arranged marriage structure.

Indian youth are increasingly seeking autonomy in making significant life decisions, such as choosing a partner. Consequently, they are more likely to utilize platforms that help them find potential partners who align with their preferences, interests, and values.

While India ranks as the fifth fastest-growing online dating market globally, most established national and international players in this sector have primarily targeted Tier 1 Indian cities. These cities typically have a significant English-speaking population and higher disposable incomes.

Flutrr is now in the market with a different target audience altogether. It is focusing on small-town India which boasts around 650 million youth who lack English fluency. Flutrr is leading this transformation by providing a dating app that supports major Indian languages, allowing young people to connect with potential romantic partners in their native languages.

So, if you are intrigued by this app then there’s no harm in giving it a shot. Who knows you might end up finding your suitable match there?