Different Types Of Eyebrows And How To Shape Them Perfectly

The shape of your eyebrows depends on two things: the natural shape of your eyebrows and the shape of your face. These are two very important factors that the
 into account when trimming eyebrows.
Here is a list of different eyebrow shapes
If you have a unibrow, you can proudly show it off or trim it.
Whichever option you choose, the unbrow needs to be well maintained to look good
. When you think of

unibrow, one celebrity that immediately comes to mind is Kajol.
While she had thicker brows in the ’90s,
has now transitioned to a more refined and subtle single-brow look that we dig into.
Check it out, now that’s how you relax your eyebrows. It’s all about keeping the
subtle and not too in front.
Thick eyebrows
Thick eyebrows are both a blessing and a curse for
. It’s
 a blessing for
because you can shape them beautifully to fit your face shape and a curse because eyebrows thickness of the
tend to grow very quickly.
So only
monthly thread sessions will not work. You should keep tweezers handy to spot stray animals.
People with thick eyebrows should invest in clear mascara which can be used
to keep the eyebrows intact. If you have beautiful, thick eyebrows, then you
just need to focus on removing unwanted hair while maintaining the natural curve of your
eyebrows. Thick eyebrows are popular now, so
does not use threading to refine the eyebrows.
Be bold and look awesome.
Thin eyebrows
If you have very thin eyebrows, the
with tweezers
 is your best bet. Just choose the extra
without shaping the brows too much. We don’t want to pull
extra hairs. For a more complete look, use the
eyebrow pencil or even the eyebrow powder for a more natural finish.
If you have thin
brows, don’t go for a very arched look because
 not look good on thin brows.

Flat eyebrows
If you have flat eyebrows, you can always enhance them. The key is that the distance between the
eyebrows is wider. You don’t want your eyebrows too close together
because that will only make the mistake more obvious. So be sure to wear
between your eyebrows so that the distance between them looks wider. You can ask your beautician
to slightly curve the outer tip of your eyebrows.
Look how beautiful Ileana D-Cruz is. Notice how flat her eyebrows are? But
she made it work for her.
Arched Brows
If you’re arched,
isn’t bad! You can play with the natural arch of the
and make it look nice and curved, or make the
look shiny and edgy.
is all about your comfort. Here are
two celebrities who have high arches of
eyebrows. So which
do you prefer?
Beyoncé Knowles
Here is a diagram showing the different eyebrow shapes
and what they should indicate.
Let’s see how the shape of your face affects the shape of your eyebrows.
● Oval: You have the perfect face shape. Slightly angled eyebrows are best for you
Round: Highly arched eyebrows elongate your face and give the illusion of a
thin face
Square: A slightly arched eyebrow shape will make the
look softer
balance your strong jawline
Heart shape: keep your brows
slightly thicker,
fuller so your forehead doesn’t look too wide
Here’s a chart to help you choose the
perfect brow shape.
I hope you enjoyed this article on
different types of eyebrows.
Hope you found the
shape that best suits your face shape and personality.
How threading is performed
Threading is a temporary hair removal technique mainly used on the eyebrows, lips, cheeks and chin.
The name comes from the cotton strands that are twisted to pull the hair from the roots. Also known as ‘binde’
or ‘khite’ in Arabic, this is an old Indian method that is
becoming increasingly popular in some cities. Eyebrows can be easily done at home

1- Preparing to wear eyebrows
1. Recognize the advantages of wearing eyebrows.
Although this sounds complicated, it is actually not. Eyebrow piercing has several advantages over other methods.
● Eyebrow threading is faster than waxing. It
also removes fine hairs that you might miss with tweezers.
Some people also think that putting it on is less painful than cleaning the
and waxing it.
● Waxing may irritate the skin, but it is unlikely to be
threads. Eyebrow trimming
 is also faster and cheaper Than to use a household washing kit. Learning to do it yourself can save you a lot of money. Yarns can cost less than $1.
● Many cities have salons offering brow shaping services. If you are not confident
in your abilities, consult a professional!
Incorrect threading can result in
unsightly eyebrows. Professional stringers are generally required to have a
license or permit. However, some studies have found dermatological complications
due to
threading. Gather the right tools. You will need a few key tools to draw eyebrows.
Fortunately, these items are inexpensive and readily available at pharmacies. You probably already have most or all of these
 at home.
● Get a clean eyelash coil or comb, or if you don’t have one, get a fine-toothed comb.
Consider buying loose powder. Although it is not required, it is a trick that can make it easier to get the
through the eyebrows.
● You will need very small scissors, such as grooming scissors or the
small scissors from your sewing kit.
3. Buy
 the right line. This is the most important tool you’ll need to groom your brows.
Here’s the key: make sure you buy 100% cotton sewing thread.
● You will need a wire the length of your forearm plus approximately three additional
inches. Other experts say the cord should be about 15-24 inches long, longer than a
if you have big hands. The less rope you use, the more control you have. Choose line
which is not easy to break.
● Choose a thread that does not contain a lot of synthetic fibres, especially if your
eyebrows are thick.
If you can’t find 100% cotton yarn, choose
yarn, which has a high cotton content. You can use plain
thread from a sewing store or other store.
2- Preparing the eyebrows for threading
1. Carefully choose the shape of the eyebrows. You shouldn’t trim your eyebrows casually.
First, spend some time figuring out what shape you want.
● Thread the eyebrows in the natural shape
by taking
 the following 3 measurements with a pencil: find the inner edge of the eyebrow, measure a
straight line from the corner of the nose to the inner corner of the eye, find the outer edge of the eyebrow,
measure the edge of the nose to the outside edge of the eye, and to find the highest brow bone,
measure the outside edge of the nose through the pupil.
● Strings outside these lines. Use the eyebrow pencil to define and fill in your brows as desired
 This will help you “align” when putting on the
and prevent you from removing excess hair.
2. Sweep brows up. Take your spoolie or other eyelash comb and sweep
hairs from
 your eyebrows. You should paint your eyebrows one section at a time.
● Take small scissors and cut a small amount of hair (not too much, it’s the best
hair you see.
Then wipe the eyebrows and trim the extra long and protruding hairs

● Comb the eyebrows back to their original position. It is very important not to cut too much hair during this
procedure. Made very light. Use scissors to trim excess
hairs at the beginning of the eyebrows.

Tie the thread into a large loop. Hold the Khmer sewing thread in your hand. Cotton thread is what you will use
to pull the hair out of. But first you need to prepare the yarn for the threading process.
● Fold the wire back on itself.
That’s why it must be so long. You basically turn the
wire into a long loop.
● To create a loop, tie the ends of the yarn together. To do this, simply tie a knot at the
end of the line. The wires should not open on one side or the other.
This should now form a large continuous loop

3- Threading the eyebrows
1. Twist the central loop. Start by stretching the loop between your hands. Hold the
thread so that it stretches between your thumb and forefinger.
● Place one hand at both ends of the loop with the palm up and rotate the hands several times. Turning them twice may be enough, although some experts suggest up to 15.

● Wind the yarn clockwise with the right hand six or seven times, or
 until there is approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) of yarn interlaced between the hands.
● Turn clockwise with one hand and counter-clockwise with the other. The end result is that this
move must have ended up twisted in the middle. Spreading the
palm and fingers apart on either side of the wires will create a round
wire on each side with a twisted wire in the middle.
2. Test the wire. Hold the inside of the loops on either side of the rope with your thumb and index finger,
and spread your right thumb and index finger out.
● Turns should move towards your left hand. Now close the space
between the thumb and index finger of the right hand and open the space between the thumb
and index finger of the left hand.
● The threading action that traps the hair in the twist and pulls it out.
●To wear the eyebrows, you have to open and close your hands, and there are
lines. When you open it, your hand should be inside the wire loop so that one part of the
is above the wire and the other part is at the bottom of your hand.
3. Start wearing eyebrows.
Be sure to
 the forehead in the opposite direction of hair growth. Start by paying attention to the direction of hair growth.
● Place the thread under the eyebrow to be removed. You can use
dry loose powder on the eyebrows. This will make it easier to pull the threads.
● Open the loop and turn the hand in the opposite direction to the yarn (yarn on the left
on the
 right; yarn on the right on the left). You want to place the twisted part of the
thread under the hairs to be depilated. When opening and closing the
loop, the twisted part of the wire will pull the hair out of the
4. Hold the hair with the wire. When you twist the middle of the ring, the twisted wire will select
Some experienced practitioners hold the thread in their mouth while
manipulates the other end of the thread with both hands. Others hold each end of the thread with a different hand. [9]
● Can be fast or slow.
The hair pulling process is
 the process of opening and closing the fingers. Many experienced practitioners are able to go through this process very quickly.
But when you start, take your time.
● Starting with the tallest hairs you wish to remove, align the strands with these hairs. The
spreads the fingers
 of the right hand gently, moving the spool down, and the
spreads the fingers of the left hand to move the spool back. Continue these movements from the top
down, carefully aligning the coils, then move up and down the hair removal area of ​​the
until all unwanted hair is removed.
● The floss can also be used on lip and chin hair.
Use the same
line to clean your forehead. The process takes about 2-3 weeks.