Syllabus Of Beautician in English

Diploma In Beautician

  1. Hygiene practices that a Makeup Artist must follow
  • Makeup Brushes & Mascara wand
  • Mascara wand
  • Classic mascara wand
  • Tapered comb mascara wand
  • Curved comb mascara wand
  • Micro wand
  • Fat brush wand
  • Precision tip wand
  • Ball wand
  • Ball tip wand
  • Corkscrew wand
  • Comb bristle wand
  • Skinny wand
  • Triple ball wand
  • Angled eyeshadow brush
  • Lip liner brush
  • Duo-fiber brush
  • Stippling brush
  • Kabuki brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Blending sponge
  • Concealer brush
  1. Powder brush
  2. Bronzer brush or blush brush
  3. Contour brush
  4. Highlighter brush
  5. Fan brush
  6. Flat eyeshadow brush
  7. Eyeshadow crease brush
  8. Pencil brush
  9. Eyeliner brush
  10. Eyebrow brush
  11. Lip brush
  1. Product Knowledge
  2. Cosmetic Preservatives
    How Can We Tell If a Product is Truly Organic?

  1. Natural vs. Synthetic Products
    Common Chemical Ingredients
    Other Common Chemical Ingredients Include
    Cosmetic Claims
    Cleansing Products
    Soaps and Detergent Bars
    Cold Creams/Cleansing Creams
    Cleansing Milks
    Cleansing Washes
    Cleansing Gels
    Eye-Makeup Removers
    Facial Scrubs
    Moisturizing Products
    Special Treatment Products

  1. Eye Creams
    Eyelash Conditioners
    Neck and Décolleté Creams

Lip Balms
Acne Products
Body Care
Body Milks
Hand Lotions and Creams
Foot Products
Skin Lighteners/Bleaching Creams
Barrier Creams
Cellulite Treatments
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Products
Sun Protection Products
Features and Benefits
Cleansing Products

Soaps and Detergent Bars
Cold Creams
Cleansing Milks
Cleansing Washes
Cleansing Gels
Facial Scrubs
Eye Makeup Removers
Moisturizing Products
Moisturizing Night Creams
Nourishing Creams

Wrinkle Creams

Firming Creams
Special Treatment Products

Eye Creams
Eyelash Conditioners
Neck and Décolleté Creams
Facial Masks
Acne Products


Different Types of Lipstick
1. Sheer Lipstick
2. Satin Lip
3. Cream Lipstick
4. Gloss Lipstick
5. Lipstick Stains
6. Pearl Lipstick

7. Moisturizing Lipsticks
8. Matte Lipsticks
9. Long Wearing Lipstick
10. Frosted Lipstick
11. Transfer Resistant Lipsticks
12. Lip Tint
13. Lip Primer

  1. Lip Liner
  2. Lip Plumper
  3. Lip Balm
  4. Lip Gloss
  5. Tinted Lip Balm
  6. Lip Satin
  7. Crayon Lipstick

5) Skin

Skin types
1.Normal skin
2.Dry skin
3.Oily skin
4.Combination skin
5.Sensitive skin

How to Determine Skin Tone

  1. Finding Your Undertones
    Why is it Important to Know Your Skin Undertone?
    What kind of undertones do I have?
    Is an olive skin tone cool or warm?
    How do I find the right foundation for my skin tone?
    Dermatologist-Approved Skincare Tips for the Best Skin of Your Life

6) Primers

Makeup Primers (Reviews) For Every Skin Type
What Is A Makeup Primer?
Different Types Of Makeup Primers

  1. . Best Overall: Covergirl Simply Ageless Makeup Prime
  2. Best For Sensitive Skin: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
  3. Best For Redness: E.l.f Tone Adjusting Face Primer
  4. Best For Enlarged Pores: Benefit The Professional Face Primer
  5. Best Long-Lasting: NYX Professional Makeup The Marshmallow Primer
  6. Best Hydrating: Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer
  7. Best Brightening: Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer
  8. Best For Shine Control: TATCHA The Silk Canvas
  9. Best Anti-Wrinkle: StriVectin Line Blurring Primer
  10. Best Matte Finish: Dr. Brandt Pore Refiner Primer
  11. Dermablend Professional Insta-Grip Jelly Primer
  12. dermalogica Skin perfect Primer
  13. The Ordinary High-Spreadabillity Fluid Primer
  14. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
  15. BECCA Backlight Priming Filter
  16. Cover FX Gripping Primer
  17. smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer
  18. Murad Skin Primer
  19. FENTY BEAUTY Filter Instant Retouch Primer
  1. smashbox Photo Finish Protect SPF 20 Primer
  2. Charlotte Tilbury WONDERGlOW
  1. What are makeup primers and how do they work?
  2. How is a makeup primer different from foundation and concealer?
  3. How do you use a face primer?
  4. What color makeup primer to use?
  5. Do primers clog your pores?
  6. Which comes first: primer or moisturizer?
  7. Can you use a primer without foundation?
  8. Do primers work for all types of skin?
  9. Is there any substitute for makeup primer?
  10. Are there any homemade makeup primers?
  11. 7) Foundation

  1. Liquid Foundation
    Powder Foundation
    Cream Foundation
    Mousse Foundation

  1. Serum Foundation
    Serum foundation
  • How do you apply liquid foundation
  • Is liquid or powder foundation better?
  • What is a stick foundation?
  • What skin type is mousse foundation for?
  • Which foundation lasts the longest?
  • What is a serum foundation?

8) Best Kajal Brands

  1. MAC Eye Kohl .
  2. Intense & Smudge Free
  1. Faces Magneteyes Kajal
  2. Maybelline New York Eye Studio
  3. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil
  4. Colorbar’s Just Smoky Eye Pencil
  5. Clinique High Impact Custom Kajal
  6. Soultree Grey Glow Kaja
  7. Blue Heaven Artisto Kajal
  8. Lotus Herbals Ecostay Kajal Pencil
  9. Coloressence Kajal Pencil
    1. Revlon Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil
    2. Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal
  10. SUGAR Cosmetics Stroke Of Genius Heavy
  11. Avon Big & Daring Kohl Kajal
  12. Ori flame Kohl Kajal Pencil
  13. Plum Nature Studio All-Day-Wear Kohl Kajal
  14. The Body Shop Matte Kajal
  15. Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eye Pencil
  16. Makeup Revolution Kajal
  17. Kay Beauty 24 Hour Kajal
  18. Nykaa Rock The Line Kajal Eyeliner

9) Bleach

What Are Some Proven Face Bleach Benefits?
Face Bleaching Before and After
Face Bleach Benefit
How to Make a Natural Face Bleach at Home?
The Top 7 Face Bleach Creams

  1. Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals Oxy Derm Gold Facial Bleach
  2. VLCC Insta Glow Gold Bleach
  3. Dabur OxyLife Salon Professional Crème Bleach
  4. VLCC Insta Glow Oxygen Bleach
  5. Fem de-tan Crème Bleach
  6. Nature’s Essence Fruit Fun Fairness bleach
  7. Avon Naturals Herbal Bleach
  1. Is bleaching good for the face?
  2. Is skin bleaching safe?
  3. How often should one bleach?
  4. What are the things to look after while bleaching?
  5. Is skin bleaching permanent?
  6. How can I make bleach at home?
  1. What are the side effects of bleaching your skin?

10) Contour

Should Contour Makeup Be Done Before Or After Foundation?
What Are The Benefits Of Contouring?
The Best Way To Contour Oval Face Shapes
Round Face Shapes Can Get A Sharper Effect
Square Face Shapes Can Acquire Softened Facial Contours
The Right Way To Contour Heart-Shaped Faces
Shorten The Appearance Of The Rectangular Face Shape

Can we use foundation to contour the face?

Can contour makeup be set with powder?
Is it necessary to use a highlighter with contour makeup?

What Is A Facial?

What Are The Benefits Of A Facial?
Effective ways to do facial
Step 1: Face Cleansing
Step 2: Exfoliation
Step 3: Massage
Step 4: Take Steam
Step 5: Face Mask

* Gel.
* Clay
* Cream.
* Sheet masks.
Toning and Moisturizing
10 Types Of Facial According To Your Skin Type And Concern

  1. Fruit Facial For Combination Skin
  2. Pearl Facial For Oily Skin Oily skin
  3. Galvanic Facial For Dry Skin
  4. Silver Facial For Rough Skin
  5. Collagen Facial For Sagging Skin
  6. Gold Facial For Dull Skin
  7. Wine Facial For Aging Skin
  8. De-tan Facial For Tanned Skin
  1. Oxygen Facial For Sensitive Skin
  2. Diamond Facial For Damaged Skin
    How many days does it take to glow after a facial?
    How long do facials last?
    How often should you do facial?
    How long does the glow after a facial last?

  1. What skin care routine should be followed after a facial?
  2. Highlighter
    Where to Apply Highlighter on
    Your Face

Different Ways to Use Highlighter

How to Find the Best Highlighter

13) Face Shapes Need Different Kinds Of Makeup

1. Makeup For Oval Shaped Face

  1. Makeup For Oblong Shaped Faces
  2. Makeup For Heart Shaped Faces
  3. Makeup For Diamond Shaped Faces
    1. Makeup for Pear Face Shape
  4. Makeup For Round Shaped Face
  5. Makeup for Square Face Shape
    How to find out what’s your face shape?
  1. 14) Manicure and Pedicure
    How to Do Manicure at Home
    How to Do Pedicure
    7 Homemade Pedicure and Foot Care Tips to Remove Tan

15) Blush

What is Blush?

Where is blush applied?
What types of blush are there?
14 Tips for Applying Blush Perfectly

Cream Blush:
Powder Blush
Cream vs. Powder Blush: Which one should you wear?
Matte vs. Shimmer

18)Body Spa

What is a Body Spa?
Different Types of Spas

  1. Day Spas
  2. Destination Spas
  3. Resort and Hotel Spas
  4. Mineral Springs Spas
  5. Medical Spas
  6. Club Spas
    Different Types of Spa Treatments and Benefits
  1. Types of Spa Massage and their Benefits

19) Eyebrows

Different Types Of Eyebrows And How To Shape Them Perfectly
Thick Eyebrows
Thin Eyebrows
Flat Eyebrows
Arched Eyebrows
How to Do Threading

Makeup Artist

20) Eye Makeup
1. Brown and Gold Soft Eye Makeup
2. Soft Smokey Eye
3. Gold Festive Eyes
4. Defined-Crease Smokey Eye
5. The Simple Day-Look
6. Deep Blue Eyeshadow
7. Rose Gold Eyes
8. Plum Smokey Eye
9. Blue Winged Liner

10. Simple Kohl-Lined Smokey Eye
11. Mermaid Eyeshadow
12. Brown Cut Crease And Black Eyeliner
13. Black And Silver Smokey Eye
14. Copper Gold Eye Makeup
15. Warm Copper Green Eye Makeup
16. Simple Eye Makeup For Work
17. Magnify Your Eyes
18. Foiled Sunset Eyes
19. Navy and Purple Smokey Eye
20. Metallic Blue Smokey Eyeshadow
21. Leaf Green Eye Makeup
22. Deep-Gold Winged Liner

23. The Under 5 Minute Eye Makeup
24. The Classic Cat-Eye
25. Sultry Copper-Rose Gold Eyes

21) Close set eyes Makeup

22) Glitter

12 Best Glitter Eyeshadows For A Glamorous Eye Makeup

  1. UCANBE Twilight Dust+Aromas Palette
  2. Docolor Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
  3. Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow
  4. Cleof The Original Mermaid Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
  5. DE’LANCI Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
  6. UCANBE Pro Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
  7. Bernese Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
  8. DiTO Venus Makeup Palette
  9. Aol Ailiya Pressed Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
  10. Covergirl Exhibitionist Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow
  11. Norate Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
  12. Mallofusa Single Shade Baked Eye Shadow Powder
    What is the difference between shimmer and metallic eyeshadow?

  1. Is shimmer the same as glitter?

23) Nail Polish
7 Types Of Nail Polish

  1. Basic
  2. Gel
  3. Acrylic
  4. Breathable
  5. PolyGel
  6. Dip Powder
  1. Shellac

24) Nail Art

1.Purple-Pink Floral Nail Art

  1. Color Splash Nail Art
    3.Colorful Clouds Nail Art
  2. Diagon-Alley Pink And Yellow Nail Art
  3. Plastic Wrap Nail Art Design
    6.White Minimal Chevron Nail Art
    7.Striped Aztec Nail Art
    8.Pink Ombre Nail Design
    9.Gold Glitter Nail Art
    10.Smokey Gray Nail Art
  4. Chocolate Gold Nail Art
  5. Four-Leaf Clover Nails

  1. 13.Two-Toned Blue Nail Art
    14.Strawberry Fields Forever Nails
    15.Deep Blue Nail Art
    16.Valentines Nail Art Design
    17.Triple Cloud Nails
    18.Scales Nail Art Design
    19.Lavender Circles Nail Art
    20.Leopard Print Nail Art Design
    21.Musical Notes Nail Art
    22.Red And White Polka Nail Art
    23.Yellow Grapefruit Nail Art
    24.Halloween Skulls Nail Art
    25.Bow Nail Art Tutorial
    26.Splatter Nail Art Tutorial
    27.Chevron Nail Art Tutorial
    28.Glitter V-Tip Nail Art Tutorial
    29.Galaxy Nails
    30.Stripes and Lines Nail Art Tutorial
    31.Stripes and Lines Nail Art Tutorial
    32.Nautical Nails
    33.Checkerboard Nails
    34.Pastel Swirls
    35.Black and White Flowers

  1. 36.Party Dots
    37.Colorful Lines
    38.Canary Yellow

    39.The sunset effect
    40.Tribal nail art
    41.Negative Space Stunners
    42.Smiley-Face Nails
    43.Half and Half
    44.Superhero Stripes

25) HD makeup

1.Products used in HD makeup
2.Equipment used in HD makeup
3.Longevity of HD makeup

4.Effects of HD bridal makeup

26) Airbrush bridal makeup

1.Products used in Airbrush bridal makeup
2. Equipment used in airbrush bridal makeup
1 Airbrush Nozzle
2 Airbrush Compressor
3.Airbrush foundation

  1. Longevity of Airbrush bridal makeup
  2. Effects of Airbrush Makeup How is Airbrush Makeup different from HD makeup?
    1. Lasting ability
      1. Cost or Price
      2. Overall look

  1. 4.Skin type
    27) Mehndi design
    What is Mehndi design?
    Mehndi Designs that are easy and simple for beginners
    A glove-like Henna / Mehndi design
    Which Mehndi is best for the hand?
    Is henna Indian or Arabic?
    What is the difference between Mehndi and Henna?
    How many colors are in a mehndi design?
    Black henna vs traditional henna
    Beautiful bridal mehndi designs
    Mehndi flowers for bridal designs
    Henna designs for bridal mehndi
    Henna design and mehndi design for kids
    Mehndi designs for the legs
    New Mehndi Design for Marriage
    Bridal Mehndi with Lotus in Full Bloom
    Peacock in a Garden Bridal Mehndi

  1. Dance Inspired Bridal Mehndi For Full Hands
  2. 28) Hair Straightening
    Types of treatments
    Professional permanent straightening
    At-home perms
    Semi-permanent hair straightening
    Thermal straightening
    What about natural products?
    Pros and cons
    Pros of permanent hair straightening
    Cons of permanent hair straightening
    How long does it last The bottom line
    How To Use Every Type of Curling Iron
    Step 2: Start Your Look With Freshly Washed Hair
    Step 3: Blow-Dry Your Hair
    Step 4: Test Your Curling Iron’s Heat

  1. Step 5: Section Your Hair
    Step 6: Curl Your Hair
    Step 7: Shake Out Your Curls
    Step 8: Set Your Curls
    How To Use a Curling Iron, Curling Wand, and Automatic Curling Iron
    How To Use a Curling Iron With a Clamp
  2. Grab a section of hair.
  3. Position your curling iron.
  4. Close and slide.
  5. Twist, twist, twist
  6. Open the clamp and release.
    How To Use a Curling Wand
  7. Section your hair.
  8. Position your wand.
  9. Wrap around.
  10. Wait and release.
    How To Use An Automatic Curling Iron
    How long should you keep in hot rollers to avoid damaging hair?
    How do you prep your hair for hot rollers?
    Can all hair types use hot rollers?

  1. Any other tips you have for using hot rollers?
    How to Dry Your Hair
    Air Drying Hair
    Plopping Curly, Kinky, or Textured Hair
    Blow Drying Curly Hai
    Bl0ow Drying Kinky or Textured Hair

    Blow Drying Straight Hair

Apply Hair Extensions

Choosing Your Extensions

1. Decide on the kind of hair you want. Hair extensions come in two different make
2. 2. Think about clip-in hair extensions.
Consider fusion hair extensions
1.Purchase wefts of hair that match your hair color
2.Divide your hair into sections.
3.Tease your hair.
4.Take one weft and clip to your hair at the roots.
5.Remove another section of hair from your ponytail

  1. Finish your hairstyle.

Applying Fusion Extensions

1.Clarify your hair
2.Dry your hair completely

  1. Make a divider for your hair
  2. Section your hair beginning at the base.
  3. Put a strand of hair into your cardstock divider.
  4. Attach one strand of the extension to your divided hair
  5. Use a flat iron to fuse the extension
    8.Roll the fused strands into your natural hair.
  6. Remove the hair divider.
  7. Repeat the steps of dividing and fusing hair.
  8. Style your hair.
  9. Care for the hair extensions
  1. Hair style
  2. a)Different Types of Haircuts for
    Long Hair for Women
    b) Straight Cut Hair Style
    U Cut Hair Style
    V Cut Hair Style 3. Close and slide.
    Tapered Cut
    Layer Cut Hair Style
    c) Face Framing Layers Hair Style
    Medium and Long Layers
    Uneven Layers Hair Style
    Step Cut Hair Style

  1. Waterfall Cut Hair Style
    Bangs Hair Style
    Razor Cut
    Feather Cut Hair Style
    Rachel Cut
    Long Side-Swept Cut:
    Smoothed out pixie
    Textured pixie
    Messy wobe
    Long Bob with side bangs
    Classic uniform length
    Messy shaggy look
    Medium wavy cut with bangs
    Short pixie with straight hair and undercut


  1. Box Braids
  1. French Braid
  2. Braided Ponytail
  3. Dutch Braid
  4. Crochet Braids
  5. Lemonade Braids
  6. Fishtail Braid
  7. Feed-in Braids
  8. Goddess Braids
  9. Braided Buns
  10. Tribal Braids
  11. Cornrow Braids
  12. Fulani Braids
  13. Waterfall Braids
  14. Yarn Braids
  15. Crown Braid
  16. Butterfly Braid
  17. Mohawk Braid
  18. Jumbo Box Braids
  19. Snake Braid
  20. Triangle Box Braids
  21. Side Braids
  22. Senegalese Twist Braids
  23. Halo Braid
  24. Ghana Braids
  1. Micro Braids
  2. Ombre Braid
  3. Tree Braids
  4. Half-Up Half-Down Braids
  5. Braided Updo
  6. Pop Smoke Braids
  7. Small Box Braids
  8. Natural Hair Braids
  9. Black Braids
  10. Updo Braids in a Bun
  11. Unique Braids
  12. Bob Braids
  13. Braided Hairstyles for Kids
  14. Knotless Braids
  15. Medium Box Braids
  16. Twist Braids
  17. Long Box Braids
  18. Large Knotless Braids
  19. Box Braids with Curls
  20. Braided Bun
  21. Braids with Beads
  22. Braids with Curls
  23. Passion Twist Braids
  24. 2 Feed-in Braids
  25. Ponytail Lemonade Braids
  26. Straight Back Braids
  27. Tree Braids
  28. Ombre Box Braids
  29. Butterfly Box Braids
  30. Fishbone Braids
  31. Long Tribal Braids
  32. Poetic Justice Braids
  33. Cornrow Goddess Braids
  34. Dookie Braids
  35. Triangle Braids
  36. Hair Colour
     * How to choose the best hair color from hair color chart
     * How to set a hair color goal
     * How to find out your skin’s undertone
     * A short list of hair colors for warm, cool, and neutral undertones
     * ‘Hair colour for Indian skin’
     * ‘Hair color ideas’
     * ‘Hair color chart’
     * You Want Lighter Hair
     * You Want Darker Hair
     * You Want to Enhance Your Natural Hair Color
     * You Want to Cover Grey Hair
     * You Want to Experiment With Highlight Hair Colors 
     * Find Hair Color Ideas That Suit Your Goal…and Skin Undertone!
  12 BROWN HAIR COLOR SHADES for Indian Hair
     * Red Hair Color Chart for Warm Skin Tones
     * Some More Tips to Choose the Perfect Shade from Hair Color Charts

29 )Henna

Disadvantages of henna for hair
Difficult to change the color
Best for dark hair
May cause hair fall out
Hair appearance
Hair health
Other potential health benefits
Does henna ‘ruin’ hair?
Black henna
However, it can cause irritation to the scalp, including:
Product quality
These additives have been found to cause:
She avoids henna altogether with her clients.
Post-dyeing hair care is just as essential as prep. Here are the best practices:
The verdict: Is henna bad for your hair?

Can dandruff cause hair loss?

How to prevent hair loss from dandruff
Get a diagnosis
* Dry skin.
* Seborrheic
* Malassezia.
* Contact dermatitis
Use a medicated shampoo
* pyrithione zinc
* salicylic acid
* ketoconazole
* selenium sulfide
Add moisture
Avoid irritating hair products
Manage stress
Get a little sun
The bottom line

Hair Loss Treatments for Women:

What is female pattern baldness?
Common symptoms
Possible causes
Types of alopecia
Hair loss treatments for women
Minoxidil topical solution
Prescription spironolactone pills
Side effects include:
Topical tretinoin
Corticosteroid injections
Side effects with injections include:
Topical anthralin
Side effects include:

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
Possible risks include:
Ketoconazole shampoo
Light and laser therapy
Healthy habits to prevent hair loss in women

30 )Bridal Makeup

All the different types of traditional Bridal make
South Indian Hindu Bridal Makeup
The North Indian Hindu Bridal Makeup
The North Indian Muslim Bridal Makeup
The South Indian Muslim Bridal Makeup
North Indian Christian Bridal Makeup
South Indian Christian Bridal Makeup
South Indian Buddhist Bridal Makeup:
North Indian Buddhist Bridal Makeup:
North Indian Jain Bridal Makeup
South Indian Jain Bridal Makeup
The North Indian Sindhi Bridal Makeup

The South India Sindhi Bridal Makeup
The Kashmiri Bridal Makeup
The Punjabi Kudi Bridal Makeup
The Bengali Bridal Makeup
Odisha Bridal Makeup
The Maharashtrian Bridal Makeup
Gujarati Bridal Makeup
Rajasthani Bridal Makeup:
Karnataka Bridal Makeup
The Kerala Bridal Bridal Makeup
The Telugu Pelli Kuthuru Bridal Makeup
HD makeup Bridal makeup
Airbrush bridal makeup
Mineral Makeup For Brides
Smokey Eyes Bridal Makeup

31 ) Remove Makeup
Natural Ways to Remove Makeup
How To Remove Makeup By Products
How to Remove Makeup from Clothing

37) Saree Makeup

Different Types of Saree Makeup
Minimal/Nude Saree Makeup Look
Bridal Saree Makeup
Party Saree Makeup
Day to Day Saree Makeup
Retro Saree Makeup Look
The Smudged Look
Few Tips for Saree Makeup – Dos And Don’ts
Makeup Looks for Different Types of Sarees
For Cotton Sarees
For Black And Dark Coloured Sarees
For the Shades of Red And Maroon Sarees
Pastel Sarees

32) Perfect Makeup Tips for Yellow Dress
33 ) Orange dress makeup look

  1. The classic orange dress makeup look
  2. The tangerine orange dress makeup look
  3. The carrot orange dress makeup look
  4. The fiery orange dress makeup look
  5. The rusty orange dress makeup look

34) Makeup Ideas a Navy Dress

35) Black Dress Makeup

36) Red Dress Makeup

37) Summer Makeup to Sweat-Proof Your Look
38) Interview Makeup
Best Colors To Wear to a Job Interview
7 Things To Avoid Wearing In a Job Interview
How To Wear Your Hair for an Interview

Professional Makeup artist

39 ) Skin PH level

A little about the pH scale
Skin on the pH scale
pH Imbalance: How Your Body Maintains Acid-Base Balance
How the lungs and kidneys maintain the pH balance
pH balance disorders
Types of acidosis
Types of alkalosis
Treating pH imbalance

40)The Coolest Winter Makeup Looks

41) Mansoon Makeup
42) Evening makeup
43)Simple Day Makeup
44)Party Makeup
45)Photo Shoot Makeup
46) Pool Party or Beatch Party Makeup
47) Nude makeup

48)Makeup For Dark Skin

  1. Natural And Simple “No-Makeup” Makeup For Outdoor Dinners
  1. Natural And Simple “No-Makeup” Makeup For Outdoor Dinners

  1. natural makeup look
  2. Monochrome Makeup For A Sweet And Simple Dinner Date Look
  3. Simple Smokey-Eye Makeup For A Candle-Lit Dinner
  4. Impress With A Simple Red Lip Makeup For Dinner
  5. Simple And Sultry Plum Makeup
    50 ) Makeup Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy
    51) How to Hide Wrinkles with Makeup
    52)How to Hide Dark Cercle
  6. 53)Open Pores

  1. Causes of large-looking open pores
    There are several causes of large-looking open pores. They include:
    Open pores versus clear pores
    Types of treatment
    Facial masks
    Laser treatments
    Preventive skin care
  2. 54) What is hyperpigmentation?

  1. How to get rid of hyperpigmentation
    To prevent hyperpigmentation, or to stop it becoming more prominent:
    Topical creams
    Cosmetic procedures for hyperpigmentation
    Home remedies for hyperpigmentation

    Causes of hyperpigmentation
    55) Hide acne spots with makeup
    56) 7 Dermatologist Tips for Applying Makeup on Acne-Prone Skin
    61)How to do the makeup for a face with freckles
    Tips if you want to show off your freckles
    Tips if you want to cover up your freckles:

57) Got Rosacea? These Makeup Tricks Will Make It Disappear

58) Cosmetic Surgery

1.Lip Augmentation

  1. Cheek, Jaw, and Chin Implants
  2. Forehead and Brow Lift
  3. Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)
  4. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery
  5. Facelift or rhytidectomy
    Creepy Halloween Scarecrow Makeup

Halloween Makeup

  1. Cat Halloween Makeup – Classical Cat
  1. Cute Halloween Makeup – Candy Corn
  2. Crazy Halloween Makeup – The Joker
  3. Colorful Halloween Makeup – The Starry Night
  4. Simple Halloween Makeup – Simple Red
  5. Black Halloween Makeup – Crying Goth
  6. Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas – Disney’s Moana
  7. Cool Halloween Makeup – Forest Spirit
  8. Half-Face Halloween Makeup – The Soul Stone
  9. Pink Hair Halloween Costume – Elf
  10. Glam Halloween Makeup – Golden Glitter
  11. Easy Makeup Looks – Bleeding Crown
  12. Simple Makeup Looks – 3D Halloween
  13. Halloween Cat Makeup – Disney’s Scar Spooky Skeleton Halloween Makeup Half Face Halloween Makeup 
  14. Halloween Eye Makeup – Stormy Eyes
  1. Spooky Skeleton Halloween Makeup
  2. Halloween Makeup Ideas: Color Explosion
  3. Cool Halloween Makeup: Gangster Clown
  4. Halloween Cat: Cheshire Spin
  5. Cute Halloween Makeup Ideas: Pastel Clown
  6. Cool Halloween Makeup: Angular Art
  7. Super Cool Halloween Makeup – Mythical Horned Creature
  8. Half Face Halloween Makeup
  9. Colorful Makeup Look: Comic Book Girl
  10. Halloween Makeup Ideas: Woodland Deer
  1. Cute Halloween Makeup: Robot
  2. Awesome Halloween Makeup: Painted Angular Face
  3. Black Makeup Looks – Halloween Mask Crazy halloween makeup the joker
  4. Halloween Makeup Queen of Hearts Cool halloween makeup forest spirit
  5. Halloween Makeup Idea: The Dark Side Makeup
  6. Crazy Halloween Makeup: Stretched Lips
  7. Reptilian Halloween Makeup
  8. Halloween Makeup: Glamorous Leopard
  1. Lady Beetlejuice Halloween Makeup
  2. Miss Argentina Halloween Makeup
  3. Ethereal Glitter Halloween Makeup
  4. Creepy Doll Halloween Makeup
  5. Star Wars Halloween Makeup
  6. Creepy Halloween Scarecrow Makeup
  7. Dark Mermaid Halloween Makeup
    Best Halloween Makeup Ideas: Closing Thoughts

59 ) What is Prosthetic Makeup?

Prosthetic Makeup
Sculpting Materials
* Clay
* Sculpting tools
* Clear Coat Spray
Mold Making Supplies
* Ultra Cal 30

* Hydrocal
* Plaster of Paris
* Mold grade Silicone
* Release Agents
* Mold Straps
* FX Silicone
* FX Gelatin
* Foam Latex
* Liquid Latex
* Prosaide Paste
* ProsAide
* Silicone Adhesive

* Spirit Gum
60 ) Special FX Makeup

What is Special FX Makeup?

What are the Differences Between Special FX and Prosthetic Makeups?
* Alcohol Activated Palettes
* Cream Color Wheels
* Liquid Latex
* Scar Wax
* Cream Foundations
* 2 part Silicone (Skin Tite or 2nd Degree)
* FX Gelatin
* Rigid Collodion
* Variety of different sized and shaped brushes

61 )Health & Safety at Work for Makeup Artists
Who is Responsible for Safety?
Risk Assessments

62 ) Tattoo99


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Does It Hurt?
How Much Is It Going to Cost?
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What Should I Get? And Where?
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Is It OK to Get a Tattoo if I’m Sick?
Where Can I Find Pictures of Tattoos?
Is Tanning OK When You Have Tattoos?
I Just Got a New Tattoo on My
Leg – Can I Shave?

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